Bombers shopping Willis

@ArashMadani Among the talks that came out of last wknd's #CFL meetings: The #Bombers are, to no surprise, trying to shop DL Odell Willis. No takers yet.

Asking price will be too high. No thanks.

If you can remember his tweets from just before last season's Grey Cup...

[b]* "A couple of more days n I'm out this hoe."

  • "Laughing at the CLFPA allstar team! How the hell neither sack leader make it?"

  • "Got a question for fellow athletes: Why players kiss (butt) or snitch ... hoping it put them in a better situation?"

Cornerback Jovon Johnson told TSN Willis was "completely wrong" for lashing out.

"This is the biggest stage, and under these circumstances guys should be more focused on the game on Sunday rather than all the other stuff," Johnson said.[/b]

Could this be at least part of the reason why the BB's are shuffling his arrogant butt out of town???!!!

Hope the Tiger-Cats can work something out. While it's been nice to see the glitzy, sexy acquisition on offense, it's the defence that really needs improvement on this team. The TiCats were among the worst defensively last year, and now that the two best players on special teams gone to the NFL,( Thigpen and Medlock) that segment of the team will require "repair" as well.

The Cats would be better far better off trying to find a new kicker...

I wonder if they will release him if the "shopping" doesn't generate a deal.

Aren't Willis and Baggs training buddies in Atlanta during the off season?

I thought Willis was on his way to a NFL tryout after the season????

The Ticats should not try to get this guy, if he doesn't care about playing in the grey cup he doesn't have any respect for the league or the team he is on. He is not a asset i don't care how talented he is, i don't want him on the team

If not training partners, they are buddies. When Baggs said last year that he was the best in the league (I think we remember how bent out of shape Bomber fans got) it was because he was needling his buddy Willis.

I think a DE tandem of Willis and Baggs would be pretty deadly. Can't see it happening though.