bombers select...

with the 9th pick after trading the 6th for the 9th and 22nd picks... WR COREY WATSON.

Great reciever, but i am surprised and a little worried that WPG passed on LB Gesse. This was definately a huge shock for me personally. I think Winnipeg already has a great group of NI reciever's, i am surprised!!

gesse could be available at 22.

bc just took gore.

bc has taken 2 guys who might never play for them.

very surprising... i like the ni recievers we have, i think watson is a good addition tho, but thought for sure at that point it woukd have been steele or gesse... if either steele or gesse fall to us at 22, that would be a huge move by mack imo..

what i think of this move is basically the same reasoning for sasks pick...we most likely plan on starting two maybe three ni receivers.. to do that youre going to need good backups in case one goes down to keep the ratio intact

I agree BC is taking HUGE risks with there 2 picks, i would feel better if Gesse is available at #22 and we chose him, but that is probably a long shot!! Maybe Allen would be available but i think Gesse is the better player.

We now have TOO many reciever's in my opinion, unless Mack is ready to deal one or two for defensive help, could happen, is Edwards on his way out? That is my thinking.... T.O i believe will take offense with there picks, but can they pass up Gesse?

Good looking receiver, pretty good pick with a good chance to contribute right away.

WOW.. off the board.. grant shaw to the argos.. k/db.

what a weird draft.

......this is a good lesson for us.....YOU DON'T trade away your draft has come back to haunt us....I'm glad the guy who did the most damage to us is now toiling for the riders...Lapo and Mack WILL NOT be making the same mistake...Canadian talent...a necessity in this league.. :rockin: Good pick by us at nine though...he should contibute to the club fairly quickly..

u only trade your draft picks if u can pick up another pick later on and get one of the guys u originally wanted with your first pick.

i beleive the bombers wanted watson or sisco at 6.. they got watson at 9. plus an extra pick. good move regardless of wha the morons on tsn say.

apparently dave dickenson is our qb too.

True, but to be quite honest i am not a big fan of Eddie Steele, is he a good player? Yes, but i have alway's thought he was overrated. Toronto takes Grant Shaw, who was one of my dark horses, Gesse is still available and i am keeping my fingers crossed. I am also guessing there will be alot of good player's that go undrafted and will be available. Taurean Allen is another player i think is overrated, but could develop quickly, anything can happen now.

If we take another reciever i will be right ticked off!!

LOL i got a good laugh at that one DD our QB LOL .... and yes i agree the TSN panel are biased when it comes to Winnipeg and yes they are Morons.

db to the esks and not taurean allen?


Wow Borhot, another player not expected to be chosen before the Gesse, Allen and even Steele. This draft is seeing alot of dark horses/off the board player's being chosen. Now that i have had time to calm down, Watson was a great pick as a reciever, but one still has to wonder what we do with all these reciever's wasting TC spots, well wasting is not the word but we absolutely are over loaded now at reciever!!

maybe we are looking at a trade involving brock ralph or someone ike charlton? i dunno.

ralph could be expendable.

allen to calgary.

id be shocked if the als dont take hometown kid gesse here.

I expected Allen or Gesse to be gone by our #22 pick, will MTL take Gesse? Or will they lean towards J'Michael deane? I think if they go for a reciever. Mind ya the Als have back to Back picks now, i expect Gesse to be one of them!!

als have the next 2.

they like to go off the board. guess we shall see.

gesse could fall cuz of his injury concerns (he didnt participate in e-camp)

i dunno but where can i watch this after the tv coverage is done?

unless the bombers trade up no more tv picks for them

little bit of gamble by the als, will gesse be next? id love to see him fall to us too.. say what u want but either gesse or steele would be a "steal" at 22 imo... to bad it wont be a tv pick

Als go off the board as you suspected Killer, you can still watch the draft on this site, at least see the picks/trades etc. I think MTL takes Turner here, then it's off to the third round.

I like a few player's and this draft is deep

LB Gesse
OL J'Michael Deane

RB who can play FB Henry or Montoya

Als did in fact go off the board with Dublunco or however you spell it ....

did they ever.

wow steele and gesse could very well free fall now. this is weird.

lots of redshirts taken.