Bombers select Poblah

First round pick given up for Poblah. The blue have some great potential at the NI receiver spot now. Now to get him signed and in camp by Wednesday.

Surprised Laurent went for a 2nd round pick to Edm, though his NFL aspirations probably put a damper on it. I supposed the Bombers could have trumped Edmonton by offering their 2nd pick as well (? not sure if the supplemental rules allow you to select multiple players, it's rare they even have more than 1 player). Might not have been worth giving up both your highest draft picks. If Jyles starts most of the year for the Argos (hopefully with the same won-loss percentage he had here) we'll have 2 2nd rounders next year which ain't too bad.

This kid has game....great pick-up....I'm really liking the ni receiving content on the team this year...We're going to see some tough competition at tc and that's a good thing... :thup: :rockin:

...I think we could have forced 'eric the red' to up the ante by offering our second pic in the second round for Laurent (he's really eyeing the nfl) BUT i like having 2 second rounders in 2012 and with the esks. gone in that round, that puts us in a better position :wink:

Starting to look a lot better than it has in the recent past, I agree.

The way it was explained to me is once a team is awarded a player that they drop to the bottom of the waiver priority. Not knowing the order the players were dealt with, if Poblah was first and we got him then the only way we could have gotten Laurent as well is if every other team only offered a 3rd round pick and we trumped them with a 2nd round pick. If Laurent went first but we wanted Poblah more (which we obviously did) then bidding our 2nd round pick for Laurent would mean that we would have been out of the running for Poblah because the only team that we could outbid for Poblah would have been Montreal since they didn’t have a 1st round pick to bid.

....i think in the end we ended up with the superior player....Now that has to be proven out but i think we're going to be delighted with Poblah :thup:

And he's already listed on the Bombers roster so no worries about whether he'll sign. The Bombers obviously had decided on Poblah far enough in advance of the draft to get a contract done. :thup:

....AND will his cousin Volny make the starting roster :roll: ...This could be one happy family in a short while :lol:

Very happy with this news...can't ever have too many quality NIs around.

great move. i believe once the bombers burned the first rounder on poblah who went in the 1st round.. my guess, someone (edmonton probably) offered up their first rounder for poblah too, we offered our first.. we trumped them. once we offered our first our waiver priority drops... edmonton then becomes the higgest possible bidder and with that bid a 2nd for laurent.

either way, a canadian receiver, listed on the roster already, cousin of volny (who will make the team, his position gives him an advantage for sure, oost,volny, hargreaves (rumored) as rb/fb/te types. all 3 will make it.

the thing thats intriguing about mr poblah, outside of the family factor there with volny is he can also return kicks...

this guys a pretty good player and.. lets think ahead a head or 2 even.. watson, poblah, etienne... if they all develop and continue to improve, we are set at cdn receiver for a long time, not to mention guys like bishop and mahoney who also may show up and make some noise. mccoy is a lost cause imo, he's bounced around and been injured his whole career, hargs i think will be moved to fb/te/oost's position.. we dont have sadeghian and stephenson anymore. (volny and hargs tho is a better option).

im liking out team moving forward, lots of youth there with the cdn receiver group, lots of youth with tj,carr, sherman, name a guy make signed this off season, has a good track record of american receivers.. i think sherman wont be the only gem this year.. just like TJ wasnt the only gem he found last year. throw in terrence as the vet and we got a solid group of receivers this year and for years to come. TE is still pretty young and resigned a new deal this off season. extension.

oline.. 2 american tackles isnt a bad thing is it? bc seems to be going that route, same with the hammer.. ill take butler/douglas/january over any other americans in the league at the tackle spot. young (for the most part and still learning the game, outside of january ofcourse (trade bait??) labatte is a rock, greaves will only improve, look for this kowalchuk kid to step up, morencie may be khans replacement if not this season, next. swiston is a tackle if there ever was one. Dunn is a nasty player who could play both guard and tackle aswell. not sure yet. would mitchell or holmes have been nice? sure. but really oline are in every draft and dont be surprised if we grab one in next years draft (we may or may not have 2 2nd rounders) plus we may have options (january,morley,douglas amongst others as possible trade bait for more) poblah is our 2012 first rounder... maybe mack picks up another first in another deal. who knows. i think oline can be upgraded tho and i think they know that.. really what we are doing is looking for 2 positions now.. guard and center. the rest can be well chose your own adventure really with the talent we have.

dl- willis,brown, d smith, hopkins, donny 0.. these are solid young players (outside of our vet brown who we know is a beast) 2 canadians there..3 yanks.. several other in the bullpen like bryant,vega who looked good in hamiltons camp last year and was said to be a shocking cut.. this is an area we could improve our cdn depth but not to bad.. how many teams can say they have a doug brown and donny 0...thats a nice foundation. doug will play in the new stadium (count on it)

lb-im not sure. we need a middle linebacker, maybe Henoc is that guy.. outside of Middle.. i like kent, i like bowman, i like labbe, and i like james green who came on strong b4 getting hurt last year, great on teams.. this is an area we will look at too im sure in the future..

db's.. jovon,hef solid foundation.. maybe 2 of the leagues 3 or 4 best now that browner is gone? suber,beasley,stewart,sears amongst a couple other interesting signings here.. solid. no need for canadian depth here as its unlikely we will ever start a cdn at db.

s- logan. best in the biz. browne - capable solid backup and sp teamer.. one of rookie chayce elliot, returnee jerry jules or even lastt year draftee chris smith. we are set up here pretty nicely going forward also

This team.. is slowly but surely, not even so slowly.. look what mack has done in less than 2 years.. people somethings forget but this guy was hired in january of 2010.. its may 2011.. our canadian talent has improved significantly on paper and you could argue.. with carr,tj our receivers did compared to what started even last year.

if bryant or vega is a phil hunt... holy crap.. Look out for this team for a few year... they are being built to be not succesful for just 1 or 2 years but for 4 or 5 or 6 even, like mtl and sask have been. almost same way too.


wr-watson,poblah. lets look a head a few years ... watson,poblah,etienne
0l - labatte,khan,greaves. (lets look ahead a few years).. labatte, morencie,greaves,swiston/dunn.
lb- muamba
s- logan

the best teams usually are the teams that start the most cdn's (see sask/montreal as examples)

in a few years, hypothetically, we could start upwards of 10 or more. Thats pretty solid.

Hey, just got back from slaying piks up at Quesnel Lake (35 1/4 " caught by one of our guys, what a whale).

Nice to see they took Poblah, sounds like he is ready and willing to get at it in the CFL.

The Bombers roster indicates that Poblah will be wearing #27.

Looks like Bombers and CFL webmaster jumped the gun. Poblah is not listed on the roster now. Lapo was on H&L and I think he said Poblah wants to be at rookie camp so they will try to get a deal done quick (I turned on the radio when Lapo was in mid-sentence so I'm not sure what all he said).

given your history you’ll be burying him after one bad game.