Bombers season ticket sales pass 17K

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We know Sask is around 25K. Any updates from the other teams on season ticket sales??

None in BC beyond the old news that its expected that it'll have to get capped around 24k.

Excellent there! Not sure about Hamilton.

good stuff. i know quite a few people who wait until june to get season tix for the bombers so good stuff. they could very well hit 20,000 by the time its all said and done :slight_smile:

i also know alot of people who dont buy season tickets (like myself for example) and only go to games that we can.

bombers will probably avg 25k this season.

amazing what a new regime and new stadium can do for you.

Yes, this is good to hear. I was getting concerned that Winnipeg would be slipping back to the debt-ridden days of yonder. Sure hope they do average over 25k + ... would be good for them and for the league.

Ottawa: Zero!

bombers will be in good to excellent financial shape in a couple seasons.

the new stadium will help considerably. and also just i think the team is headed in the right direction

its supposed to be a hot and dry summer here in the peg too so that actually matters to some people.

bombers dont fully rely tho on sales from the games to make a profit. they have some pretty big concerts coming to the stadium this summer also.. pretty big actually.. like ozzfest pretty much minus ozzie :stuck_out_tongue: and a few others, bon jovi, these are all things that will help the overall profit at the end of the year.

and i think, they did allright last year too, just that they had to pay out.. a coach, his assistants, had to pay out basically the whole office staff, yup... those things add up.

and the fact that they didnt make the playoffs... always nice to have that extra home playoff date probably hurt the final number this season and a concert cancelled (aerosmith). they lost money there and are suing or were suing, i dunno.

whatever tho.

the new stadium tho ensures a bright future for the bombers :slight_smile: