Bombers scoreless in 3rd quarter for 5 straight games

Note to Bomber coaching staff:

It's been 5 straight games that the Bombers have been held scoreless. That indicates a lack of halftime adjustments by the OC. Understand that scratching your balls does not count as as halftime adjustment.

I think it's time to punt OC Gary Scrotum. He just doesn't have a grasp of the CFL--period.

Burke decided to gamble 3rd and 2.
Woulda ended that streak had burke not been a moron.
It was all down hill from that moment on.

It would've ended the streak but not ended the underlying problem. Crowton continues to struggle getting the offense going after the half. Execution is only partly to blame.

Burke is no head coach and crowton is clueless. I like what I saw from Goltz. This losing IS MACK FAULT.

I agree, there is a bigger problem, but burke has a way of making dumb decisions that really take all momentum from his team.
Game 1, punt instead of giving up 2. Bombers don't recover.
Game 5, bad gamble takes all offensive momentum from his team. Don't recover.

Burke may be a great defensive coach, but he is not a head coach. We saw this with George Cortez, Greg Marshall, rich stable, etc etc.

Won't argue that. He's better than he was but that's not saying much. When the HC openly admits to reporters he needs to make himself a special reference card to help him make decisions during game depending on situations it doesn't usually inspire confidence.

Just to clarify, I meant to type rich stubler in my previous post. Auto correct got me there.

Tonight! Coaching / Coordinators, or Players?

If it's the players - MACK has to go!
If it's the coaches / coordinators - MACK has to go!

I suggest it starts with MACK! The only road to recovery!

Is nobody questioning Casey Creehan? The defense was HORRIBLE tonight - AGAIN!

Our "D" looks a lot like the Hamilton "D" did last year!
If we have to score 40 points to win a game - we stand no chance at all!

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Gary Scrotum…good one!

Amazing how decrepit our battered defense looked tonight against a third string QB. That’s what bothers me, not the fact we didn’t score in a particular quarter. Goltz should only improve with more playing time; hope they leave him in there but I have a bad feeling about what the coach’s decision will be…

Its the COACHES-- 100% PEG PLAYERS are fine--

THE DL is above average for sure--

The receivers are FINE--

Secondary has taken a step back, but it can improve fast-

Punters fgoal kickers need to be replaced--

But overall its the coaches-

GOLTZ looks like a good prospect- work with him.

Coaches are not great at all- BURKE is not head coach material- Creehan stinks- MACK is terrible

SMART OBSERVATION-- Obviously when coordinators are AVAILABLE MEANING they are FIRED by 1 team, they are not good-

Do you see BC or CALGARY FIRING COORDINATORS? CREEHAN is not CFL material- He showed it in HAMILTON- He has showed nothing at all in WINNIPEG--

CREEHAN's defenses in HAMILTOn and PEG are the worst I have seen vs the PASS ever- The secondary routinely leaves guys wide open, the same play works 5 times in a row with no adjustment-

Memo TO MACK- stop taking other teams left overs who are FIRED- TORONTO got MILANOVICH from MTL and BRADY because they were good and they were not FIRED BY MTL- they were wanted by MTL--
YOu cant take FIRED EMPLOYEES and expect them to be any good,

Isn't is ironic that we ended up with Palardy and Calgary got Rene Paredes?
MACK (and others) actually chose Palardy over Paredes a couple years back?

Hey, Palardy is not that bad - he's average to better than average. But again - MACK and the others that influence the decision got it wrong! Sure - hind sight is 20/20, but this is getting to be a familiar story over and over again!

Start with MACK! (yes - I don't like him)

By the way where is MACK. He got us such good talent for this team. Cough cough BS. Of coarse Mack and the board of dumb and dumber's will continue destroying this team.