Bombers Schedule

Interesting to say the least! The next five games are going to dictate where this team is really at! Pierce's health is a big issue but I believe Jyles will improve every game. He's a smart Qb, has a good arm and reading defenses is improving play after play. A back to back series with Hamilton is going to be tough. If Glenn gets time to read the secondary then it could get tough for Winnipeg but if the front seven can put alot af constant pressure on him then the Bombers could sweep the two games. I believe we're looking at a split. In Montreal??? You never know!!! Montreal are the class of the league. In their backyard with a healthy Calvillo? Then Saskatchewan back to back. All the games have to be played eventually through the course of a season. By the time the Banjo bowl is over, depending on injuries, when Buck returns and an asteriod hitting earth the Bombers could be sitting at 3-7 to 4-6.
Then the last eight, "of course depending on the above mentioned factors" they could go as low as 3-5 to possibly 5-3.
I don't see Winnipeg finishing less then 6-12 and not better then 9-9.
I know, I know!!! Predictions are predictions but it's a very interesting year in the so-called Bomber re-building year!!
I believe that the Bombers have a very solid #2 in Jyles and a starting Qb in the top three in the league"when he's healthy" and ,no, I'am not throwing stones!! I really like Pierce!!
My "Prediction"? Winnipeg will finish at 8-10, make the playoffs, pull off an upset in the semi's but bow out to Montreal.

Not bad for a "Re-Building Year"!!!............You just might get your parade down Portage Ave within the next 3 years.

Buck Pierce practiced yesterday. Practice was cancelled today because of lightning but it's been reported that Buck was NOT wearing a knee brace today. Still don't know who will start in Hamilton but there is still a chance that it could be Buck.

reading some hamilton posts they seem to think they can finish with 10-12 wins still so.. i figure we could too.

but more realistically i see us 9-9. i can also see us being 11-7. reallly, we have been in every game except 1. and even that game there was a non call that could have drastically changed the outcome of that game.

9-9? definately.