Bombers say NO to NFL workout

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Basically, Terence Jeffers-Harris' agent said he was going to NFL camp...the Bombers is under contract.

Bravo. And a silly move by the will be a black mark on him as far as most NFL clubs will be concerned...trying to overlook a contract.

Holy crap. They better say no. Lapolice is the only coach in history that can't even get his own players to practice with their own team, and they're going to let him practice with a rival???? :roll: :roll: :roll:

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That link you provided regarding TJ Harris is the first couple of paragraphs of an article written by Ed Tait and doesn't give the whole story. Gil Scott apparently told someone from FoxSports that TJ would be eligible for this year's NFL draft (no surprise). He also said the NFL indicated TJ could work-out with NFL teams if he had the Bombers' permission.

On Hustler & Lawless, Joe Mack said that TJ told him that no matter what happens in the draft that he will honour his contract. There have been no reports that TJ or his agent actually asked the Bombers for permission.

Here's a link to Tait's full article:

And a link to one from the day before:

thanks for the info.

such reports should be barred from writing...shamefully misleading.