Bombers running game on track???

Was looking forward to seeing what Yvenson Bernard could do once he got going, he had a great college career in Oregon, he looks like the real deal, once he gets rolling, I think it is going to be very difficult for any defense to contain Bernard and Reid on a consistent basis, and then they can open the long ball on their money receivers or inside to their short game , August is going to be a very interesting month for the Bombers which will see them come together and put together wins in their next 3 starts up to the Labour Day Clash against the Riders…comments???

....PRETTY IMPRESSIVE IS BERNARD.....but why hasn't he seen the field before this....He and Reid are going to be a nice combination once they get things polished up a bit more on the offence...great little player :thup: :rockin:

I think this spells the end for Giles, unless we are offered a decent pick or player for Giles, he will remain on the PR and be released this year, most likely at the end. I thought Bernard had a better training camp than Giles, only reason Giles started the year was cause his play in the 2 pre season games, after that he started 4 regular season games and did nothing. Bernard is just as fast as Giles and still young, Bernard and Reid are a great Combo.

...Giles is more of Joe Smith type of back....Bernard gives you the 'hippy-hippy shake' moves...and what a block he threw on one of the stump defenders....he just 'destroyed' the guy...Now i wonder who hits harder...Shabazz...Lobendahn...or Bernard...ouch....Keep yer head-up around these guys...or you might not have one... :lol: :rockin:

I see Barrin Simpson is wearing #5, I wonder if he can carry the ball on short yardage situations??? Who could stop him??

He has to accept a spot on the PR. It isn't like you can force him there.

I'm not sure how much value he would have. He has not done anything in Winnipeg that would cause any other team to say we got to make a play for this guy...

i think giles will be safe on the pr... completely unproven so i dont believe any team would sign him or trade for him..

unless ofcourse a back or two get hurt then maybe he might be picked up for depth..

i personally hope we do keep him around, hasnt been properly utilized yet this year.. but looks like he has some talent, who knows!

...Giles is going nowhere....It has been apparent right from training camp the Bombers have three terrific backs...Reid,Giles and Bernard.....As i see it that's nice depth ,for the schemes that Kelly would like to implement...We saw the start of it in the cal. game....however...the running game should have been used in this fashion long before this....It was staring everyone right in the face.... :wink: :thup:Looking forward to Reid and Bernard running against the Als. this Sat.....should be a good one.. :wink:

I'd say that the Bombers got away from what they do best, running the ball, because all the focus was on getting the passing game going. The second half of the Calgary game just proved that you can't have one without the other. Lost in the 200+ yards of rushing was the fact they passed for 200 yards as well in that half. Hopefully, they can take what they learned from that half and use it to build off of going forward.