Bombers are first in east division! and are leaders in most categories including rushing,passing,receiving etc. although them and the als are the only teams 2 play 2 games. we owned the als 32-23.despite a 13-0 score after the first quarter. :twisted: bombers looking more like grey cup contenders every game! :thup: :thup: 2 thumbs up!

wow the bombers saved my @$$ i was thought i was gonna eat crow in the first quarter because i posted a cocky post on the alouettes forum, well neways very impressed by glenn and Terrence Eduards ( haha really funny they started chanting dirty sanchez at the game gotta love it :lol: )

one problem guys. i am lover for the blue and gold and will be with them till the end. but they are showing some major weakness's. like little passes underneath, kicking, and some other small things all teams suffer. we are just lucky to have a strong offence. we still gotta fix something before we can brag about being GC favs.

Agree, they seem to start slow and adjust later in the match-up...No slow start on Friday, we need a Balls to the Wall only mentality.......Go Bombers..

yes at the end those underneath passes they were completing every play, i was getting scared with only a 9 point lead and a couple of minutes to go and it looked like the als could get a
TD and get a feild goal to tie the game

Get your tickets fast for friday their almost gone.

dont worry i got season tickets... i already got them just after last season ended

Let me add one more category they lead in...
Best Uniforms in Sports Today

Go Blue!