Bombers Rollin in Dough.

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Would it not make sense to break the salary cap up until it actually costs you draft picks? Maybe Willis was right to call these guys cheap....
If I was a player who just lost his job because the team saved 30K by bringing in some dude who is not as experienced or as good as me but works for cheap, i'd be pretty chapped reading stories like this.

Definetly looks like it was not a money issue with Willis. Gotta be attitude all the way. Hope my Riders do not end up with a huge cancer in the locker room.

Beyond that, good to see the BB turn a nice profit. Now, if they would just spend some of that to keep up with the rest of the east.....

No. The charge for going over the cap is not a fee. It's meant to be punitive. Doing so would violate the spirit of the cap. The point of the cap is to maintain some sense of competitive balance between the teams. Going over just because they can afford it ruins that. Perhaps if the SMS was set up so that, for each dollar that a team goes over the cap, every other team gets a dollar, and cap was temporarily raised by the total amount that the team went over (thus maintaining a competitive balance, at least financially), I'd say yes, but the chances of that happening are very slim, I'd guess.

Not sure who you're talking about losing their job for $30k, but the SMS and the profit they made are really not related.
If you're talking about Willis, money was not an issue with him.
Bombers won't have a SMS issue going forward, as by the end of the year, they will be close to the limit. They have been investing in their team by signing their free agents and extending their core players.
Of course you have to leave some for the unexpected and future signings, and I believe they're right on course.
Willis shouldn't be an issue for the Riders, as he is a good player and will definitely put in the effort.

You shouldn't be chapped. The Bombers are making money, this is good for Winnipeg, this is good for the league, it's a happy story! You should be glowing with pride...

The league keeps getting better and better all around in my opinion.

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It says here Johnson did... but I remember Willis called them cheap and 4 players on the bomber pushed the "like" option

Not only the Bombers have had a fantastic financial year last season, they apparently have 98% season ticket re-newals which is massive. They were at 21000 last year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they exceeded that this season with the new stadium and all.

Good times for the CFL for sure.

Gotta call you on that one. Can't just through that out there. I want a liitle ................

Like some of us have said recently, there is money to be made if you are an owner community or private.
The teams have increased substantially in value.
With the Hammer having a new stadium and things looking up, meanwhile here in Toronto if we can only do something?

Gotta call you on that one. Can't just throw that out there. I want a little proof.


Like this?

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Giving away free tickets for a preseason game is OK... However... Never ever give free tickets away to a regular season game... It cheapens your product and angers paying customers.

If you go to the Bomber site and request season tickets you are refered to a waiting list even though tickets are 50% more expensive then last seasom..... With almost 5000 more seats, we can expect a much larger profit next year I suppose. However many 30 year ticket holders have been bumped from the 55 to the 35 so the Bombers could be alienating many of their core fans to attract new ones... In the long term this could backfire.

This is great news. Well done WINNIPEG!!! :thup:

Don't be surprised to see the new MLSE ownership make a play for the Argos to play at BMO Field when they make the neccesary upgrades to the stadium...

What drugs are you on?

Right now the main reason the stadium is unsuited for the Argos is that the stadium is not winterized. MLSE is currently trying to bid to host an outdoor classic at BMO field in 2017 and needs the upgrades to be able to host it. Does it really make sense to make such upgrades for ONE event? Obviously they will want a new tenent at BMO. And who is part owner of MLSE now? I will give you a's a network that televises CFL games....

It's funny, one would think that if any city was ready to host an outdoor classic it would be the city that has an NHL team that is worth the most or near the most of any team in the league. You would think that by now the owners of that team would be sure to be able to showcase such an elite team (yes it is the Leafs I'm talking about :wink: ) in a grand setting as good as any other NHL city could do. But not the case.

Are you forgetting the 30 million dollar renovation just to make the stadium fit a cfl field... Are you forgetting that BMO would need atleast 10K more seats because the Argos only play 9 games a year... Are you forgetting that MLSE just spent millions on a natural turf that would get slaughtered from football cleats... Are you forgetting how anal soccer fans are and would actually stop coming to games if they seen one gridireon line on their pitch... are you forgetting what these pansy ass players that play soccer would not even sign with TFC if they had to play on turf....