Bombers @ Riders

He's only a young thirty nine , if he's got anything left in the tank , you don't suppose .

Covid and a criminal record. Expect hassles at border.

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Fajardo getting roasted on Rider Fans. Their heroes get feet of clay in a hurry.

Rider fans are a fickle bunch, will be a load of manure headed to Fajardo's driveway as we speak.

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Hope getting humiliated at home isn't this weekend's trend.

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Well Dr.Snuggles... this outcome was unexpected. We hardly ever beat Saskatchewan on Labour Day. But this is the CFL. I've come to expect the unexpected.

You'll be happy to hear that I'm expecting the 'Cats to run into a brick wall tommorrow against the Argonauts. So naturally they'll do the opposite and score at will. You're welcome. :grin:



Your lengthy rebuttal threw me for a loop... but I have recovered my poise. You're good. Verrrry good.

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yup, one game means he is no good.

You bet.

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I was expected to rebutt , by your own admission, your inability to accurately predict games ?

My predictions have mostly gone out the window this year... except one. I predicted another great season for Winnipeg. I was totally wrong about Hamilton, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa. I thought they'd all be at the top of the standings. Nichols dissapointed badly. Toronto and Calgary are looking better than expected thanks to Arbuckle and Maier. Didn't see THAT coming. BC I could never get right.

Anyway I'm enjoying the CFL this year. Nothing's entirely certain from week to week. Sure beats those years when Edmonton Won the Cup 5 years in a row. :smiley:

Bombers defence is phenomenal this season. Only 67 points allowed in 5 games. It will be a challenge for most teams to break that defence down. With that kind of a defence all Collaros has to do is manage the game effectively. Bombers will likely lead Power Ranking charts for rest of season.

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then there are no good QBs.

That rule applies to Masoli, so it should apply to him too.

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they certainly were overwhelmed were they not.

Zach is more than a game management QB...that statement is reserved for a raw rookie getting thrown into a big game on a very very good team. QB like the bombers have can do a lot of things to destroy the opposing teams D...As proved by what he did in hostile territory to the Riders

Fajardo is more of a game manager than Zach.
Short passes, run for 1st downs.

I’ll give Fajardo credit for toughness hanging in after what looked like a left shoulder pop. But he is going to get destroyed playing like that.

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Fajardo wasn't the same after taking hit from Bighill.