Bombers @ Riders

Managed to blow both calls.

fake labour day fake classic

Looks like a true undercard

Fajardo getting noticed and not in the "early frontrunner for MOP" way.

He looks good

Bombers came to take a win today. They be lookin good.

Outcome still in doubt. Both teams starting to gas. . . . penalties taken when guys run out of steam!

Fair to say we can take Fajardo out of the Hall of Fame for now?

I’m getting some chuckles out of this thread, but I’m concerned that the snarkiness may alienate a couple of the most important constituencies of the Ticats forum. Namely, WPG fans and SSK fans.


Suitsie-Pie must be really out of sorts to come down hard on Cody F.

It just tees up a redemption story.
After Cody plays a good game TSN will claim everyone "wrote him off" and that he "silenced the doubters".


Is SSKs O line as bad as ours ?

Before the garbage time Fajoke was 14/29 for 133 and 3 INTS.

Fajardo to Ottawa for Nichols?

They better get DesJardins on speed dial before he falls asleep .

Masoli to Riders buzz heating up.

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If he was watching them play he's already asleep.

The sad thing is WPG tied their season high for points.


Wait until Collaros gets popped once or twice next week. Could be a 4 team party line conference call - we’ll throw in neg list rights to Timmy Chang.

Me thinks tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of Start Chang Now.

Another snooze fest. Season was thrown together and the games have reflected that

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