Bombers @ Riders

Riders home game ? Fajardo ? Andrew Harris ?
It's TSN CFL porn.


Micah Johnson is a big loss

Fake Labour Day Classic.

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braxton hicks day classic


Milt calling out a stat that Zach has played for 4 teams in "labour day classics".

Now just making up stats to make this a LD game.

How long before it's a triple header?

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How long before it's PPV ?

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Fajardo tire pumping. Literally before first snap.

Fajardo with a Masoli like decision.

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MVP quality interception

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Can't believe no one's said "west final preview" yet.

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Suitor telling everyone he's neutral is about as truthful as a Bill Belichick interview.

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Collaros should retire.


My o my both Fajardo & Collaros appear off-form tonite. Both have taken major hits - Fajardo's body able to absorb far more damage than Collaros. Neither team have very good backups.

O'Shea who's certainly not an offensive coaching genius has let the game get away from the bombers - no longer utilizing Harris who may also be dinged.

Leggio misses a 57 yard - Lauther makes a 53 yard.

Regina has far better returners than Winnipeg. Olive Nelson basically a default returner with decent hands but zero legs.

Both Collaros & Cody appear rattled & shaken in front of 34,000 fans. Collaros tossing all kinds of balls off balance as the Riders are overwhelming the Bombers blocking packages!

I'm not gonna complain if these teams best the crap out of each other's qb's.

It'd be nice to see the angst from watching them play their backups.

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Fajardo was throwing so poorly even before the big hit even Suitor is calling him out.

Fajardo should retire.

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Any idea if Sask is allowing in and out privileges?

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Oh no. Finger touching the face mask. Zach really needs to retire.

LOL @ CFL officiating.