Bombers @ Riders

Just a couple of second tier teams going at it. Who will win?

Riders by 12.

Where’s the poll?


…it’s not a game day thread, it’s a rivalry thread…

Usually when these two teams play, the home team wins. Riders by 6

Huge! Game in the tite west. This is the 3rd game rubber match. Winner wins season series. Giving them the tie breaker.
That kinda HUGE

I said the Riders, because they’re the home team.

Hard to imagine the Bombers losing three in a row, but they’re a very different team without Nichols. And they have a losing record on the road, while the Riders are 6-1 at home.

Timing is bad for the Bombers…all depends on which team shows up.
If a focused Bomber team shows up, they leave with 2 points - even with the best the Riders have.
Anything less and the season is quickly going down the drain.

Two teams needing to prove something.
Bombers have lost recently.
Riders got throttled in the Banjo Bowl.

Want to say Riders, but have a feeling about the Bombers D.

Winnipeg wins.

A focused Rider Team ‘Will show up’ and end up with 2 points.
Even with the best the Bombers have. :wink: