Bombers - Riders

you truly need to SHUT UP.. we made that win!

Geez, it is what is is man, admit it. The riders fluked out against a crappy team.

Could be the game of the year.
My Bishop, who never should have been traded, showed the potential he has to be a top notch QB.

yah, stamp riders are 8 and 2 whats your record?

fluke out is if we got lucky by some fluke catch.

that was not a fluke catch.

we could have won that game without that field goal! but we shot ourselves in the foot with the no-end call.

I think you need to realize that the Riders are a good team!

6-4 thanks for asking

Geez, it is what is is man, admit it. The riders fluked out against a crappy team.
The bombers deserved that win. I strongly disagree that this was a fluke win. That comeback was guts from the Riders on both sides of the ball. The ref's were definetly not in the Rider's pocket this game, as many have tried to say before.

I don't think the Riders are that good, I think there is some strange phenomenom at work here. I mean how else can you explain ALL those late game hail mary's by what, 1,2,3,4 different QB's.

Hey I'm entitled to my opinion too. I think the Riders are 75% luck & fluke and 30% skill.

Wow Bishop was impressive and considering the ENTIRE receiving corps is injured that must be a fluke he threw 3 touchdowns , (shoulda been 4)and what? 400 yards passing. Some fans continue to amaze me with Moronic comments like "Fluke wins"

you keep on believing that!... :roll: true it is your right, but any football expert will just laugh at you because you're a fool for saying that.

The Riders don't win 8 games by fluke Stamp! I think you're just inept to see the reality of the situation.

I'm talking about the late game, ie last 20- 30 seconds where there always seems to be a desperate hail mary caught no matter what.

I don't think Bishop played bad, actually pretty good! but once the Riders seem to have horse shoes you know where.

I guess that's because they have only been giving 105%. Wonder what will happen if they give 110%

well I guess we'll we have to wait till Grey Cup day and see how the Riders do.

Assuming of course their luck holds and they get there.

101% is impossible. so I don't know how they could do 110%. Riders played well, and kept fighting. It was nice to see Recievers go up and catch the ball. Good win
Sorry Bomber fans. Your team played well, and it could have gone either way.

Desperate hail mary? it was a tie game, go back to cow town and play with those horse shoes you obviously have no clue about football

Not going to touch the convo going on above me, but:

You want to talk about bad officiating???? How about allowing Ian Logan to CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY lead with his helmet and lay helmet to helmet hits. Not to mention the spearing that was going on.

I'm sorry, but you want to talk about why there are so many injuries??? Look at what kind of hits the referees are allowing.

For a play by play of JUST Ian Logans hits:
Weston Dressler - helmet to helmet - Concussion
Wes Cates - Helmet to Helmet - taken out for a few
(Very next play as bishops sliding) Helmet to spine - no injury, no call
Marshall touchdown in 4th quarter - Helmet to Helmet (side of head) - Marshall noticeably shaken, no injuries.
No calls on any of these hits.

You want to bring up why there are so many injuries??? Open your eyes. Thats ONE player in ONE game with reference to a previous injury he caused. Unless I'm missing something and they removed/changed the rule regarding trying to kill your opponents?

Lucky? Team has lost 8 starters ON OFFENCE to injury. Lucky? I hope you get to do this. Watch Riders play in Grey Cup. Again.

Well good teams find ways to come back to win. Good game riders.

Yup very good game Riders.

I dunno, is barely beating the last place team constitute a good game or good win? I disagree. If riders want in the grey cup game again they have to play better than they have been because you can bet there will be a couple hot teams come playoff time. If one of those teams arent the riders I think it will be a quick death