Bombers - Riders

Bombers up 14 to 7. Rider defence looks bad. Chick and Adams both went out of game. Hurt. Havent played in 5 minutes or more. Wonder how long this will take? For Cuthbert and Suitor to figure out those 2 are not playing.


Nice TD reception by Edwards.

Chick and Adams have not played in 10 minutes. Someone wake up. Tell us what is wrong with our 2 boys. We watch the game to see and hear.

Damn ... refs "gave" us another touchdown. Now we gotta listen to the rider haters whine that the refs give the riders too many breaks again.

it was a good call. the ball did come out!

no whining is needed here Bomber fans.

WTF? New Bombers linebacker gets hurt. Suitor goes on and on. Riders playing without Chick. Without Adams to. Most of the 1st half. When he finally notices what does he say? O by the way.

Good 1st half by Bombers and Glenn. Could be big win for Bombers. And big loss for Riders. Come on Riders.

...what do you want, Suitor himself to run down from the box and see what is happening?...did you ever think that maybe the sask bench isn't saying anything to the field reporters?...sheesh, settle down...

I don't like to see teams lose based on injuries, but hell, at this point us Lions fans have to take what we can get so ...

Go Bombers! :stuck_out_tongue:

...ap, here's a report: Cates can't remember his bank PIN, his mom's name or what year it is right now but he can recite the entire script to Hello Dolly, even though he was never in the actual play during high school or college...

LOL Get that Suitor medical kit out and go play doctor with the rider players :lol: Heck he has the safeway emblem tattoed on his butt doesn't he.

Nice 4th quarter performance from Gang Green. Nice production from the offence to help out the defence which has stuggled today.

Amplifies the 7 points on Gerran's TD so much more

Is it just me or is half the distance supposed to be automatic 1st?

Yes, rule 8 Sect 4, article 3

10 yards on 2nd and 10 says first and goal, not 2nd and 3.

But the riders win .... no need to use the refs as an excuse


I was surprised that they did not give the Riders a first down as well...
Its a 10 yard penalty, it doesn't matter that they can only give half the distance!

That crossover possibility just got a whole lot bigger. Wow last minute Rider hail mary fluke again. Thats amazing.

Shouldn’t have come down to a last-minute hail mary…gotta love Proulx and his half-assed officiating crew…

yah, stamp riders are 8 and 2 whats your record?

amen on that.. but still, we won it!

Sorry, I said the F word. I know how sensitive Rider fans can be.

True enough :thup: