Bombers-Riders Sunday 3 p.m.

Game is on -- both defences are playing well. Bish with his first armpunt for the Riders...

3-0 Riders on a Congi field goal

The second pass thrown by Bishop as a Rider was one of those armpunts he throws so often. And I was just as surprised by that as you were. :slight_smile:

This must be the first time we have ever wanted to see Bishop succeed. I think we'll experience the same kind of frustration blue team fans experienced with him during the time he was on the blue team.

And yes, I'm back. And I do plan on getting the Labour Day game thread started tomorrow.

Welcome back BYF!

Yes, it is odd to be rooting for the colourblind vertical jugs gun that MB is. LOL Playing him with only four days practice does take a bit of cheek by the Riders, but he is familiar with the Austin-Miller playbook terminology that Miller is using. According to Suitor, they are running on about half the playbook for this game as long as Bish is in.

Bish and the Riders drove for a TD -- a 9-yard run by Bish -- 10-3 Riders, just into the 2nd quarter.

Bish has always been more effective off the rollout and this time the toilet seat that is his consistency meter was up in "touchdown signal" mode. LOL Let's hope he can continue.

Thanks, and it's good to be back.

It certainly is interesting to see Bishop starting when he can only be working with a limited version of the playbook. But here in the 2nd quarter, the Riders are now up 10-3 after a Bishop TD. It looks like they will be quite dependent on Cates again. But the Riders have kept finding ways to win this season.

Congi 34 yd. FG -- 13-3 Riders -- both teams have had offensive pass interference calls off pick plays, the last one for the Riders disrupted their last drive.

Bishop looks okay on 4 days Pracitce

Another Congi FG -- a 47-yarder -- 16-3 Riders

I think Bishop is 7/14 with less than 100 passing yards and a pick. But he does have some rushing yards and he has not been that bad considering he has only been on the team for a few days.

Riders lead 16-3 at the half. Neither team doing much offense, like when they met at last year's Grey Cup game.

It is 19-3 now after Riders recover fumble in Bomber territory and get easy FG after that. There are about nine minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Once again, Bishop's team might win, but not because of Bishop.

Rider defence has risen to the occasion...Glenn has had some key turnovers and the Bombers simply haven't gotten the job done!

19-3 Riders, end of the third quarter...

Typical Armstead The Peg scrimmages at their own 5

He definitely should have conceded the single on missed FG, as being down by 14 isn’t much different from being down by 13. If he conceded, maybe Bombers wouldn’t have had to punt from their 30.

Three minutes left in 4th quarter, Riders have possession.

Wow... are the bombers ever in a mess too, the East is FAR from a beast this season

Bombers actually came close to finally getting a TD this game as they actually gained some yards on that drive. But Glenn's pass picked in end zone.

Riders will win this one and now Ticats have opportunity to be in second place in the division.

Maybe it is time for Timmy. Glenn looks he doesn't have it anymore.

OMG, LMAO the Rider fans are calling Bishop their friggen saviour... WOW, thats too funny

Second place, here we come!