Bombers @ Riders, October 5

Well…Manny sits.

Making room for JWL?

Hope the Ego stays ‘in check’ and the team comes first.

what ego is that? Cuz Manny was so cool with it that he was coaching JWL up in practice. He’s a leader.

Wasn’t referring to Manny, he’s got it going on.
Been watching all the interviews with other receivers and listening to their stuff. Evans, JWL

I really like the feel of this team,this season. IMO it’s been awhile since the management and Coaches had a Saskatchewan Feel…if you get what I mean.
Dickenson has my vote for ‘Coach of the Year’; which isn’t a stretch.

I think it is between him andOrlondo Steinauer. With the Cats 1 win away from tying their club record for wins (89 and 98 IIRC), and what looks like a more than fair shot at setting a new club record…he might be difficult to beat out.

I think you are right on this , but lets not forget what Jones has done in Montreal , he has turned that franchise around he has his team playing some inspired football.

The determining factor will be imo if the Riders make it to the Grey Cup regardless of Hamilton.
For Dickenson to come in, a basic nobody when it comes to Head Coach and develope/coach a team to a better record then Chris Jones(and get to the Grey Cup) will be considered a surprising/astonishing feat!

Time will tell. Lets beat Winnipeg first and see how the Riders really look against their GreyCup rivals in the last part of the Regular Schedule.

The talk is starting.

He’s done solid…despite not kicking the FG…but let’s see if they break 500. 5 games left…win 3

I sure hope not…the awards are based entirely on the regular season.

Yeah, Coach of the Year…that’s a tough one…Right now either one of Steinhauer or CD would make sense…and if Mtl finishes strong Jones has to be on the same level in conversation. Tough call, just glad to see some first year coaches having some success in the league.
If there were a “GM of the year”, IMO O’Day would be the “hands down” winner. For sure many pieces were already in place, but his pick-ups (Solo, Johnson, Manny, Leonard, Powell, Fajardo), not to mention the hiring of CD and promoting from within (Shivers), and the depth they’ve built has been very impressive. Even something like having George Reed on the field addressing the players on his 80th birthday…that impresses me and I think speaks volumes about the direction and culture they are building.

Claire Hanna

WR Jordan Williams-Lambert will start for the #Riders & Fajardo says the first thing the receiver said to him after returning from the NFL was, “I don’t want to mess up a good thing, I just want to help you guys.? #cfl

Pumped for game today…hopefully the crowd is crazy loud! Riders win with big assist from home crowd.

Was in earlier to get my tickets. Ticket desk said theres still plenty available upper deck.

Very excited about this rematch.
IMO, I think this game will give a clear insight into how close the Riders really are to being a legitate Grey Cup contender.
Beating down Toronto last week is fine, however TO is NOT Calgary, Winnipeg or Hamilton…the teams the Riders will have to beat to complete the season and play for the Grey Cup!
GO RIders Go to the Grey Cup

Rather expect that the Riders will win this one but there’s not a lot of action on the filed yet, early in the second quarter. Two FGs for the home team.

Can’t say that the crowd sounds that loud - yet - on TV but it might be louder “in person”. The noise in Montreal at the end of their game was deafening! That’s become a tough place to play again this season.

Agree that Jones or Steinauer out of the east are the likely candidates for COTY. Much as I think Steinauer should win, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was beat out by Jones who had the team thrust in his lap less than a week before their first game. Have to be impressed with how he’s turned that team around. Dickenson would appear to be a likely West nominee - he’s done a great job too and didn’t have a full off-season to prepare. The one rookie HC who has not had success - much as he was expected to be good and certainly highly touted - is Claybrooks in BC.

Hard fought, head bashing Grid Iron football game.
First Fricken Place!
Defense was awsome.
Offense got it done slowly.

Offense played a very conservative game. They didn’t really have to force much as Winnipeg’s offense didn’t really show much for most of the game. Fajardo still surprisingly had almost 300 yards passing and Shaq Evans had close to 200 receiving. I’m excited about this team. Here’s hoping we can pull it out against the Stamps and all but seal first place.

No doubt the next step is to secure Home Field hosting the Western Final.
Beating Calgary in their house will be no easy feat, just like trying to beat the Riders in their house…Tough