Bombers/Riders (LDC)

After pulling out a close one versus the Als, the 6-3 Bombers travel to Regina for the annual Labour Day Classic versus the 6-2 Riders, who are on a five game winning streak. The defense should be bolstered by the return of linebacker Ejiro Kuale to the line-up with Jason Vega and even Johhny Sears possible as well. On offense, the line may well be without Pat Neufeld for the game with Jarvis Jones likely being inserted in his place. Rider QB Durant took part in practice today and it appears he's likely to play if there are no further problems with his hand. No line in Vegas yet with the question mark surrounding Durant's availability being the reason for the delay. The Bombers haven't won in Regina in 10 years, but that's got to end at some point, right? Should be a good one; let's go with Big Blue by a late Liram field goal...... :slight_smile:

A 53 yarder!

Free agent Weston Dressler has apparently agreed to terms with the Riders and may play on Sunday. Would it have killed him to take a week or two to make up his mind? :wink:

Not sure I'm feeling great about going into labour day with a make shift oline. :roll:

Bombers will need there best and mAybe a few lucky bounces to get this win. I'll be there to cheer them on as usual, just hope they at least make a game of it.

.....Certainly Dressler will make the riders better AND I don't see that we have done anything in recent times to improve....I'm in disagreement with Mike O when he said the other day that we have the 'right guys'....I guess it depends on if you're talking about the future or now...Unless we improve a leaky o line AND get more push from the d line, I don't see us winning in Regina....I hope the Bombers prove me wrong BUT like Doug Brown said, if you're not changing you can't be improving...Standing pat is not something I concur with...We do have lots of holes and we should be bringing in better players to fill them...Hope for a split BUT I have reservations about taking 2 pts. in the Banjo Bowl as well...Prove me wrong BigBlue...prove me wrong.. :roll:

Nick Moore leaves practice early and Drew Willy injures his throwing hand (as tweeted by Bob Irving).

Lots will be expected of Dressler but realistically how much can he do? He'll have a couple of practices with Sunseri as Durant AFAIK remains questionable for the game. He's coming off practices in KC including 2-a-days until just a couple weeks ago and, from what I read, was suspected to still be a bit hampered by a hamstring injury suffered in summer OTA's. I'm a bit more worried about what he may do here in the Banjo after a bit more extended practice time, I don't particularly have as high expectations for him in the LBC. I get that the offense probably hasn't changed much for him to need to learn but NFL training camps aren't exactly a picnic and when was the last time a NFL training camp cut came up here and had a big impact? It's not an easy feat, regardless of who you are.

Sounds like Nick Moore left practice early again today and is iffy for the LDC. May not matter as Neufeld sounds like he's officially out and Jarvis Jones looks to get the start at RG so we'll probably need to start another Nat on offense. Happy to see Jones get back on the field. What happened to Knapp? Have they just benched him perpetually to sit out on the 1 game IR week to week or did he really get hurt that bad?

All these lopsided losses in Regina over the last few years, hard to remember we actually had an 18-14 lead at the half last year before the game ended up 48-25. I think it will be close. We were in that game against them a couple weeks back until a couple of fumbles by Willy and the Washington on back to back plays swung the game for the Riders. Last game we were pretty focused on stopping Ford who had a couple big weeks leading into that game that I think Messam kind of took us by surprise a bit charging hard up the middle and the D ended up having all sorts of trouble bringing him down. In fact, despite the efforts of Ford and Messam, we gifted the Riders the win with 3 INTs and 3 lost fumbles while not getting anything back.

I expect the Blue will be more prepared, whether it's for Dressler, Ford, or Messam. The Riders have 2 wins since that game but didn't exactly look like world beaters in those games. Sunseri is a wild card if he starts. Keys for me remain the same - cut the turnovers down and not give up any momentum in special teams errors the game remains close and we could pull out a win.

O'Shea said Willy's hand is fine and he'll be good to go at practice tomorrow. No word yet on Moore.

Sears and Vega both out for the game (even though they're healthy). Vegas took their sweet time releasing a line but finally opened the Riders as 7 point favourites.

Don't turn the ball over or it will be another long day for the Bombers.

Willy throwing the ball well in the warm-up from the sounds of it. Does the nine game losing streak in Regina finally end today? Let's hope so! :slight_smile:

Bob Irving reports that the Bombers (as well as Ottawa) will be trying to sign Chris Matthews, if he's not offered a spot on the Seahawks practice roster. Do the RedBlacks pass on any player these days (other than Korey Banks, that is)?

Couple of early notes:

Nick Moore fumbles yet again but it's recovered by the Bombers at the Rider 6 yard line. Touchdown is scored on the next play and all's well, however, hope Moore's inability to hang on to the ball doesn't become a problem moving forward....

How on earth does the coach's challenge not overturn the interception? Very obvious pass interference on the play but somehow the call on the field is upheld; strange.

Willy seems to be looking for Kelly early in the game, which is a very good sign!

What a stupid play , fielding the punt at the 1 . Let that go in to the endzone. Just a awful decision.

You got that right, Bombers starting to make lots of mistakes. Hopefully, halftime will settle them down somewhat.

We look very inexperienced and are close to becoming unglued.

And .......... a practice where the goal is not lose the #@#%% BALL !

Yup, hard to believe we are still making these kind of errors at this point in the season.

Fumble and ankle injury to Willy, just what the Bombers need. :frowning:

Great call on the QB draw; thanks to the Riders for all the penalty yardage! :smiley:

That's the way to atone for your first half miscue, Troy!

Riders late TD is actually better for the Bombers; they could have just run out he clock and kick a chip shot FG.