Bombers return to Winnipeg to celebrate Grey Cup win

They were bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived and, perhaps, still somewhat primed. And through every moment of Wednesday night’s Grey Cup celebration at IG Field, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers just couldn’t stop grinning – over and over and over again.

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Bar none Winnipeg fans are the best fans in the CFL... period! IG Field is electric, game in and game out.... the Bombers home record over the past few seasons is proof to this point. Even Ballsy over in Rider Nation stated after the West Final that Winnipeg fans have taken over as the best fans in the CFL. I think he self proclaimed Rider fans before this, but come on Rider Nation 20,000 to the West Semi-Final in perfect conditions?? There’s a 3peat coming, and to do it in Mosaic will make it that much sweeter.


Winnipeg find are best in the West, but Hamilton fans are the beast of the East. I invite any fan to a home game at THF. 21,000 + at every game. The fans know the game and are rabidly loyal and loud.

Is anyone else surprised that Mrstallion hasn't chimed in to remind us that it took THREE Blue Bombers to make the game-ending interception?

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