Bombers release Serna


Serna and DeAngelis here in Hamilton have been struggling. Too bad for Serna, all the best to him.

Lapolice said last night on CJOB that he wasn't prepared to release Serna an a couple hours later he cuts him. Not a Serna fan but those types of lies won't help the Bombers convince players things have changed...

Oh geezus...a flair for the dramatic HFxTC?

What's he supposed to do? Announce on CJOB he's cut Serna before he has confirmation that Sakoda is coming in??? :roll:

Honestly...LaPolice has done nothing but say the right things since he's been here.


I like Lapo and I agree teams say one thing and do another all the time.It's because they DO NOT like to expose information before people actually sign or anything like that.Look at all the insanity last year when word got out that Pacman Jones was going to Winnipeg.In the end it got so nuts that Mike Kelly said never mind, we'll get someone else.

He could have chosen a number of different responses. What's the point of having a weekly show if its to lie ?
I don't think anyone would have been upset if he had said that Serna was in danger.

BTW I like Lapolice but he will do better long term if he is a straight shooter even under pressure.

I think you're alone in you're reasoning.

Not alone. Medlock saw it the same way. But you'll do fine with Sakoda :wink:

:roll: yeah...I'm sure he did. A friend of yours, is he?

You really are a bit of a spinster, ain't cha?

Didn't Louie Sakoda struggle with Saskatchewan?

Some one call Marty York, maybe Troy Westwood is coming out of retirement! :wink: :wink: :wink:

He struggled as a punter, yes.He's going to be kicking FG's though :wink: :lol:

....i always pictured hfxtc as an older woman ...greying a bit but still left with that sharp tongue :lol:

...Sakoda struggled in greenland with his PUNTING ....but his FIELD GOAL KICKING record is quite good...To go along with the best punter in the CFL (Renaud) i think the Bombers have most likely solved their kicking woes....I guess we'll see on fri. ,when the cats come to town :wink:

OMG! That's too funny. That's exactly what I've always thought...

Yeah I'm Betty White :cowboy:

...'Bombers release Serna"....sounds almost medical....

well, when u miss a 30 yard fg its time to go. dude missed 2 short ones in hamilton. good guy but had to go. as for medlock.. he doesnt want to come here, he's waiting on the nfl.

as for lapolice, he's the coach.. the gm is joe mack.. the gm cuts players and brings new players in.

i like it. means they arent settling for mediocrity.. they demand excellence and serna wasnt excellent.. sure he had the best career percentage (71.8) as a bomber kicker but he missed a couple gimme's that sealed his fate.

team lost confidence in him.. it is what it is.

but dont even start to compare this to last years debacle.

let last year go, it has nothing to do with this year.

new regime, new coaches, new qb's (all 4)..

new players, new everything.. injuries x 1000000... gonna take this team some time to find themselves and gel

b4 the season began both lapo and mack said the final roster wont be decided until september. (after nfl cuts)

if players keep taking dumb penalties and missing easy fg's.. they will be sent packing.

adios alexis. ur a goood kid but.. it was time to go.


it is what it is.

....sometimes good guys do finish just don't want your whole team to... :wink:

...Sakoda took a little time to warm-up....but according to practise today...he was kicking em' through the uprights from good distances....I'd say we made the right move :wink:

and they wont. honestly for the first time since cal murphy or mike riley and i was so young then i barely remember those days but i feel the team is headed in the right direction.

for years, we had guys who were over the hill, nearing the end of their careers, hanging on by threads and last names reallly.. tom canada, malbrough, g walls, charlie roberts even, westwood, the list goes on and on.. now we have a young team that just needs to gel and learn to play together.

with our backup qb playing we won 1 game BIG and lost to calgary in calgary by 3 and in hamilton by 7. both times we had a chance to win these games on the final plays of the game.. (something tells me lapo would have gone for 2 in hamilton and we would have got it).

we are 12 points away from being 5-1.

we have our starting qb and many starters injured.. its gonna take time. this regime is building for the future as opposed to other regimes who built for the NOW and hung on to over priced crybaby players too long.