Your source on this ? Probably from the same idiots who can't decide where to build a stadium in Hamilton !

Great! Best zinger of the offseason so far. . . congrats kasps !!

Actually what that tells me is they've been working out their quarterbacks... a no no but something I think is not exclusive to the Bombers.

Many people think that this was a huge aquisition, player's and money thrown away, settle down it is no big deal. We gave up Shawn Mayne (practically a nobody) and Riall Johnson who had the attitude problem and didn't want to be here anyway's, besides what has Riall Johnson done lately, nothing. We already had some great defensive ends and in my opinion we have upgraded significantly with younger guys such as Phillip Hunt, Jarrell Chandler and Stan van Sichem. No matter how many people think i am wrong by saying this or don't believe a word i am about to say (of course there will be negative PPL) who will disagree with me. Saying that, i believe the Bombers have one of the top 2-3 Olines in the CFL.

We have alot of youth and talent with Defensive Ends Phillip Hunt, Jarrell Chandler and Stan van Sichem. We also have the best Defensive Tackle in the league in Doug Brown and he provides leadership and a great veteren presence and a younger DT in Ladarian Scott (he will be a great player). Our Defensive Line is stacked with young talent such as Odell Willis, Dorian Smith, Remond Willis, Deji Oduwole, Don Oramasionwu. The only player on the D-Line that i am not impressed with is Justin Shaw who i believe will be cut in camp or before camp.


Santos was a star!!! I will never forget that 1 yard run for a td, and howbout the time we sent him in to run on 3rd and inches, and the guy actually ran for 5 yards. Santos was headed for early induction to the Hall of Fame, and they cut the guy, unbelievable ?????

And his passing? I believe he completed all of his passes in the regular season, ya I think he was 0 for 0 in passing :roll:

He did however have a nice smile, and was liked by all, but that`s all.


I agree with you without the sarcasm of course, Quarterbacks come and go and This is no big loss, DiMichele is more promising than Santos in my opinion and Brink looks pretty darn good as well. For those who are wondering why Santos was released LaPo was on the radio this morning and he stated the following, soemthing along these lines:

"The Bomber Organization would like to thank Ricky for his contributions with The Bomber football club, he is a great guy and a great talent but he does not fit into the type of offense we are going to run".

This statement says alot if you think about it -- DiMichele is a better all round athlete, he throws the ball more accurate and throws very well on the run, he is more mobile and has a team first attitude ----- Now after saying that, i believe LaPo and Mack DID NOT want to see DiMichele on the PR or IR when he can start developing on the active roster, if he makes 2ND or 3RD string.

The same can be said for Brink, they are very high on Brink and he is a bigger QB and plays like Buck Pierce, so why waste a year not developing the guy and for a bigger QB he is still a little bit more athletic than Santos.

Don't get me wrong i still think Santos has a great upside and can still be a good QB in the CFL, but his style just doesn't fit The Bomber's offensive schemes.

I will also go out on a limb and state that if/when either DiMichele and Brink play there pre-season snaps and if they look good, Jyles may just be on his way out (and his 100K salary). This may not happen until DiMichele and/or Brink actually get some playing time in the regular season when it counts and means something.

At The end of the 2010 Season either Jyles, Brink or DiMichele will not be a Bomber, unless Mack keeps them all (3 on the active roster and one on either the PR or IR).

By the way my ex wife likes Santos Smile as well, but then again she loved Dinwiddies eyes ... lol .... :roll:

You gave up two Canadians for an import, who you then cut. No wonder your Canadian depth is poor.

This comming from citizens of a city that took 3 years to decide where to build theirs', and from a lot of posters point of view, STILL got it wrong. :roll:

....It pays to have 'due dilligence' done with respect to big projects...however.....IF the hammer slips by the July 1 deadline...they may have frittered away a huge for Reginas contemplation....i'll give them a 5 year pondering time-frame before it becomes a reality orrrrrrrrr the way things are moving there..NEVER :lol: ..Winnipeg is ready to build theirs NOW.....the others....Ottawa...Hamilton....Regina....not so stick it... :stuck_out_tongue:

I would, but you guys are using them all up to build your $130,000,000 stadium. :lol: :lol: i said before.....AT LEAST WE'RE BUILDING ONE....not dreamin bout one :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

And wait till Asper pulls another Canwest on your Arz LOL ! "Sorry, sorry can't pay it but I'll buy it back for a buck !" but hey it comes with cup holders and hair dryers !

The tale of the Stadiums is yet to be told... I would not be too fast laughing at Hamilton situation.

shovels go in the ground in 2 days. The story has been told. Its happening. DEAL WITH IT.

The only reason it took so long to pick a location is because of the feds. The feds wouldn’t give any money to the project for any site other than the U of M one. If the feds had agreed to funding immediately, the new stadium would already be built where Canad Inns Stadium is now.

You are misquoting me Taleback. Scroll back up and you will see that I am not the one who made that statement.

....Now hfxtc....don't let your jealousy run away with you.....You could only do an expansion in Mont.....i understand that....but defending a bunch of 'stumblers and bumblers' in the hammer when they have a gift horse....wellll it's beyond belief....I think it's our turn to laugh....Aspers plan is on course....Ground breaking ceremony in a few days....When the cats get their act together then we'll talk.....till then...Don't embarass yourself on our site with your,inaccurate prognosticating ramblings :wink: the way.....wasn't Santos sent off by the Als.....?????maybe they didn't see a lot in him wouldn't it be a little hypocritical to run us down for cutting him..hmmmmmm... :wink:

Yup, bring it on, fact is Bomber fans will be sitting in brand new digs before anyone else, and that just burns the rest of them.

So, na na na, na na right back at you. :lol:

Just saying that Asper has not shown up with the money yet... As of today, its 90 million of your tax money that is paying for this. So give yourself and Killer some props ! YOu guys are the owners of the new stadium right now !

I am not slagging Lapolice for the Santos situation. Coach is allowed to have the guys he wants at camp. Football loves no one... But its a lot like the Kevin Glenn situation... maybe you should confirm what you have before letting guys go. Hopefuly Santos finds an opportunity, he's a playmaker...

I don't see any similarity between Santos + glen situation. With Glen, we dumped a proven yet faulted QB for a potentially good but totally unproven QB with no respectable backup.Now we have a proven QB ( albeit injury prone) with a legitimate backup + 2 prospects.I was also surprised by this move but on retrospection I think it's that old 4 QB's getting work in camp vs more not getting enough reps to see what's what.