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if its legit... i dont understand it the least, unless something happened behind the scenes :?

free press now has it too... wow

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Either they only wanted 4 for camp or somebody else has come along ?

perhaps... just seems strange, considering he already knows and has practiced with some of the receivers, and ive heard nothing but good things about his skills and work ethic... plus with his college stats.. seems a little strange to not see him at training camp... brink hasnt even touched a cfl ball yet, i hope hes not the reason santos was released

im surprised but not shocked. santos was a kelly guy. just sayin it matters at times. maybe he was getting paid more than people thought. guess the bombers are higher on dimichele and brink for the future instead of santos. surely theres a reason and i wonder if that reason is lefors decided to come back? lol. hope not.

have to admit, 5 qb's is a little much, 4 is plenty. that way you have your pierce,jyles,brink/dimichele and you can have them here all year. 1 goes on the ir instead of 2 :stuck_out_tongue: makes sense :slight_smile: lol

could be as simple as they have pierce, jyles penciled in as 1 and 2. and maybe santos felt he should have been given a shot atleast at getting the backup spot. Its hard to say. Im sure a number of valid reasons when in to their thinking? could he not have been traded? tells me he's either taking in too much cash.. or.. something went on behind the scenes.

Hopefully we'll find out the reasons. I am surprised because LaPolice seemed high on Santos when he was hired.

LaPolice changes his mind a lot, doesn't he. When he was hired as coach, he said Santos was awesome. Something tells me that Mack is going over LaPolice's head on a lot of these big decisions. Wonder how long LaPolice wil put up with that before he explodes.

overall nothing to lose sleep about... pierce if healthy has a 99% chance of being the starter... jyles most likely the backup... i liked santos and ad as development qbs, but i still think ad will be good, the new regime resigned him, so they must see something too... brink is another guy whos just a prospect... maybe lefors is on his way bACK, didnt seem like he was too interested in playing football tho...

it could be that santos is "awesome" but lapolice never exactly said that.. he just praised him like he did all the qbs at the time. could also be that after watching tape and designing the play book, both lapo and mack decided that well santos might "awesome", brink and dimichele might be better and cheaper.

dimichele brink pierce and jyles were all signed or resigned by this regime. Santos was not resigned.

dimichele is good and is a good young guy, he just has the right attitude. brink, same thing from all accounts.. the most likely reason is that regardless of what mike kelly said, brink and dimichele could have more upside than santos and are actually willing to be 3rd string or be on the practise roster or development roster or IR or whatever you wanna call it.

Its not always some stupid conspiracy.

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there.. more info.

Its not a big deal really.

Bit of a shocker considering he was one of the 4 QBs paraded around town once Buck Pierce was signed. Its also surprising to me that out of all the QBs LeFors is still on the roster yet I can't imagine anyone believes he'll be back at training camp. Pierce is a known commodity. LaPo has prior experience with Jyles. Both are a given. Some are saying Santos was let go cause he was brought in by Kelly, but the same can be said for DiMichele, who I think is just as unproven to LaPo as Santos. I can understand them being high on Brink, but he has yet to throw a CFL ball in practice. He could be lights out, but can also come in and have trouble adjusting. LaPo has said in one of the press clippings on the release he wanted 4 QBs in camp, but why not take a look at santos vs DiMichelle vs Brink in rookie camp and then let one go before the main camp begins. Guess we shall see in a couple of weeks.

true but pierce jyles dimichele and brink were all signed or resigned by this regime.

santos was not.

......too bad....i thought Santos should have got a shot at t.c at least...LaPo and Mack have gone over a lot of film, on all of our 'hopefuls' at the pivot spot and they said the other four have more to offer.....Would that include LeFors?...cuz we know what Buck can do without the film???????...Someone will pick-up Santos....i thought he had great potential..Bomber brass obviously doesn't agree....orrrrrrrr they think DiMichael has a lot more to offer....orrrrrrrr this Brink guy is a ringer :roll: :roll:

I do not agree with this move at this point, Santos is young and has a great work ethic and a strong arm, i am kind of dissapointed in Mack and Lapo right now, this may come back and haunt us un the future.

His release has nothing to do with his work ethic, talent or an attitude problem, seems like Mack and LaPo see more promise in DiMichele and Brink.

Even though i am dissapointed right now with this move, maybe DiMichele and Brink will prove that Mack made the right move. If Santos is signed by another team (my 1ST guess is The Riders) and tears up the league, that is when we know Mack made a bad choice.

Only time will tell ----- The advantage of this move is Buck, Jyles, DiMichele and Brink will be able to take more snaps and play more minutes in the pre-season.

I have alway's thought that DiMichele is a better QB than Santos, DiMichele is more mobile and he throws great on the run, he can scramble and take off with the ball if need be, we will soon see if DiMichele and Brink are good/great QB's or crap the bed.

Another expensive aquisition tossed in the garbage.

like dont kid yourself.. santos wasnt gonna be any more than 3rd stringer this year on the bombers.

Pierce is 1. Jyles is 2. Dimichele/Brink is 3 and "IR".

Santos wasnt gonna be starting here this year. This was just not reality and if he gets picked up by sask or whoever, he wont be the starter either. Bombers are obviously looking more towards the future here as dimichele and brink are both younger than santos. Santos was all hype, he was really good on third downs, i liked him but i never saw him throw 1 pass. Why pretend i know more than the people who are actually paid to do this.

i agree that its not a huge deal, and he prob wouldnt get a chance to play this year... but your one line, we never saw him throw a pass ... is exactly what makes this a head scratcher

with all his ncaa records im surprised he didnt make it to preseason to at least see him in a game situation and see him actually throw the ball... he may have been just another over hyped bust, but he couldve also been the qb of the future.. wel never know now...

waste of time and money to not even bring him to camp.. must really like dimichelle... best of luck to santos

Well considering Mack hired Lapo and is his boss, I would suspect he does have final say on the matter.

Don't know why I even bother with troll posts like this. :roll:

Considering I can't remember what we gave up for him, I highly doubt it was much of anything. A couple back up players maybe ?

shawn mayne and rial johnson is what we traded for santos... to go further back we traded moreno and a draft pick i believe to get johnson...

so not a huge loss. but mayne would have been nice to have for ni depth, johnson was more expensive and not on his A game in my opinion