Bombers release Ralph and Davis

I don't think this is a surprise to anyone. Ralph was never on the new coache's good book. Davis hasn't Been able to stick anywhere yet. I wonder if we will see him anymore in the CFL. I could see Brock returning to Edmonton. They have an opening or two.

Davis is terrible and I predicted this the moment he signed with the Bombers.He's just not good, he makes a few good catches a couple great catches and few important catches.

and courtney smith and andre sadeghian.

also signed 3 defense end/lineman to compete for hunts vacant spot and a 5'8 speedster kick return named perry floyd.

Looks like Bombers fans will have to find someone else to shoehorn into trades. :lol:

BTW, why the hell would Edmonton take him? :expressionless:

If Edmonton released Kamau Peterson, a better NI receiver, why would they take Brock Ralph back?

Just throwing it out there. From
Alberta. Played there before.
Could pick him up cheap.

If he's willing to be the water boy, then sure. Otherwise, no.

Haha, I actually know the water boy for the Eskies so he won't be getting that job lol.

There were a lot of question marks with Peterson because of his Achilles injuries. I guess we'll find out more if BC signs him as it was recently reported they were going to have their doctors check him out.

Say what you will about Brock Ralph, he wouldn't be a bad back-up for a team. Problem in Winnipeg was he was a whipping boy of the fans and he was making too much money to be a back-up. I really do wish him the best.

Ralph has already been with the Esks and the traded.... TWICE! I highly doubt a "rebuilding" team like the Esks picks him up. In fact, I'd bet lots of money on it if I could.

I'd much rather stick with Bauman, Coehoorn, Nowacki, and Tyler Scott at NI receiver.

Yes. We got rid of DM, so we won't be engaging in that kind of stupidity anymore.