Bombers Release QB Brink..

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers released back up QB Alex Brink today and along with Joey Elliott a week or so ago to make room for two new signings QB's Chase Clement and Max Hall. The Bombers still have Buck Pierce as a starter and Justin Goltz as a back up. I think Brink looked pretty good last year filling in for Pierce and Brink has good size and scrambling ability. Might be a good addition to the Ti-Cats as a back up and security to Henry Burris.

We had his rights and traded them to Winnipeg if I recall ... there are worse players out there who could back up Hank.

Worth considering in my opinion.

I would've released Pierce rather then Elliot and Brink. Pierce has proven it will be very unlikely for him to ever finish a full season without missing games.

true, considering his reckless style of play. He needs to develop into more of a pocket type QB with a whole lot less scrambling.

8) I wonder how long Chase Clement will last in Winnipeg, considering that he left the TiCat training camp after just one
  practice back in 2009 ??
    Cats signed him on June 2/09 and he bolted on June 9/09, never to be seen again in the CFL !!

I thought that name rang a bell