Bombers Release Omar Evans CB/DB

The website reports that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers released cornerback/defensive back Omar Evans today. In 2006, Evans (Sep 1/76, 5-11, 204 lbs) had 30 defensive tackles, 2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery. He has six years of CFL experience.

to old for us, we r building for the future this year i think.

Right now we need another CB
So He is worth the pick up 1 year + an Option

yeh i talked to airabin justin and it dont look like we r resigning him either, he told me hes got things working out for him in the NFL so. we r short, yeh id say pick Evan up for this season and see how well he performs then go from there with him

Blue Bombers Transactions

Winnipeg Blue Bombers release import cornerback Omar Evans and non-import defensive tackle Cameron Legault.

anybody know anything about Cameron Legault?? hes canadian and a DT.. could we use him?

After we sat out the free agent signings and watched several star DBs go to rival teams, I'd be disappointed to see us picking up the players that were cut by others. If we're told that our existing roster (+ new recruits) is sufficient, that's fine, but if it turns out that we need to add CFL vets, I would ask why we didn't go after the best of them.

I think the cats were 'interested' in guys like Morgan though, and now with another veteran DB on the market... you'd think MD would at least give him a ring to check it out. And dont worry, I think Edmonton will pass on this one :wink:

I'd bring him in. At the very least it give us depth in case we get some injuries.