Bombers release Naaman Roosevelt from practice roster

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have released receiver Naaman Roosevelt from the practice roster, the team announced on Friday.

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I feel sorry for Namaan. He probably thought he had a second shot with Winnipeg & never even got into a game. Pro sports can be cruel.

He looked pretty good early in his career. What happened to this guy? I am sure Sask fans will have some theories.

no theories, just that he has been around a while and got picked up by a team that has many very great players ay his position already...and it seems none of them got injured for him to have a go at it

GREAT HANDS - NO SPEED was the common refrain on this guy!
Once he lost a further step - he just couldn't finish his routes in time for QBs to deliver the ball. Once great hands may also have shed some skin.


Yup, he was an insurance policy that was no longer needed.

I heard the Bombers went hard after Begelton (he is loyal which is why he's a true Stampeder). Bombers were trying to stack their roster, which is lousy CFL footballsmanship IMO

LOL. Only you could put that spin on it.
Poor choice by Reggie though....not sure what "sweetners" the Stamps promised, but he'd have likely made much more as a Bomber with playoff bonuses and a real chance to win the Grey Cup.

LOL He has already won a Grey Cup with Calgary!!! LOL
See here is the thing; some players are loyal and believe in the Stampeder organization. Begelton can see the writing on the wall in Winnipeg, sure he'll be the star of the moment, until the FA 2022 wire comes out and the Bombers start throwing money at other receivers (IE Burnham, Duke, Moore etc etc). And we all know the playoff money and rings are plentiful in Calgary. Winnipeg you wait 30 years
Will you be around here tonight after the game?

I might be a little late today, but I sure won't hide.
How'bout you?

I will be here, but also going to game and out for dinner after, but Ill be around some, until l get home
thick coat over thin coat gloves, toque should be fine tonight - and of course my 75 anniversary jersey

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Have fun at the game, but make sure to study the lineup for the Bombers, so you can help cheer us on in the West Final!

Ill count the players so Calgary knows how many green garbage bags to bring you on the 5th

I just have to respond to this.

I have read the “Begelton to Bombers” rumor more than once on this site and you have posted a reference to it more than once. No one, as far as I am aware, has offered any support or evidence for what can only be classified as a rumour. For example, did Begelton or anyone with the Bombers or even his agent say something? I am not saying it is not true. But I have not seen one word of explanation. Forgive me for being skeptical, but on this site I have seen posts about the CFL going to 4 downs next year and Samantha from Bewitched twitching her nose and 8 domed stadiums magically appearing.

Assuming it is true, your quote above makes no sense, and that is putting it politely. Any team that wants to win should be trying to stack their roster. How is that lousy footballmanship? Should the Bombers be trying to lose? Should they go after players in high school only? Or did they not somehow approach this “the Stampeder way”?

You didn't get the memo? Calgary is the only team with any honor.

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I am sorry to see that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have cut the very athletic-Naaman Roosevelt he put up some decent numbers with the Riders. Perhaps he can land a job with the greatest show on turf next year 2022. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :question:

To bad your fans don’t believe in the organization. You need rider fans to fill your stadium. I guess hufnagle doesn’t;t garner that much sway.

the Bombers should recruit ad develop their own talent, like the Stamps do, and not rely on others to do it for them

We develop our own talent for the most part, others don't. Count your starting 24 and see how many actually started within your organization, then do the same for Calgary and see whats what

Yes they have terrible management as is obvious from their track record in 2019 and this year. In the coffee shops they are talking about how undeserved Winnipeg’s success is because they don’t do it “the Stampeder Way”.

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