Bombers Release McGarity! Sign Mcdonald

today the bombers announced they have released reciever wane mcgarity. this is not really suprising to me. he was supposd to be a huge signing and didnt do anything, he dropped passes, fumbled the ball away a few times etc... we needed more out of him. i dont believe he is as bad as he seemed here in wpg and i still think he has potetential to be great but he just wasnt working here and i will not miss him and he needed to go in my opinion. i have no doubt he will sign on sumwhere else fairly quickly tho. and the bombers also announced the signing of reciever darnell macdonald.. calgary fans what do u think of him? his numbers are decent but they say some bad things about his attitude.... either way i still feel the bombers need to get another dynamic reciever either by nfl cut or some sort of big trade cuz we really need some help in the recieving core!

You mean receiving CORPS, not core.

my bad yes. im not sure what i was thinking :shock: maybe i was thinking about the core of players or sumthing i really dont know! :lol:

Darnel McDonald was at the Als' training camp this year. Taking into consideration he was cut and Kerry Watkins stayed, I'd stay McDonald isn't the answer to your prayers.

That being said, releasing McGarity seems like a step in the good direction. Now Kamau Peterson must be the next on the blacklist.

yes kamau definately better be next to go! i dont know why mcgarity went before peterson, probably has something to do with the salary im sure mcgarity was getting payed more, that might explain some of it, no i dont think mcdonald will be our answer but he might help

i would have kept mcgarity and cut kamau petersen... the guy is horrible
i would think it had something to do with wayne's salary

There's only one reason Kamau Peterson is still with Winnipeg and McGarity isn't: ratio issues. Peterson is a Canadian, so subpar as he is, he still frees up an import spot elsewhere on the roster.

As for McDonald, this is great news for Winnipeg. McDonald is a big target who runs crisp routes and had a 1000-yard season with Calgary back in 2003. He's got better hands than either McGarity or Peterson and should draw some coverage away from poor beleaguered Milt Stegall.

As for McGarity, I predicted he'd lose his job while watching the Winnipeg-Toronto game on Monday. That fumble was absolutely brutal and characteristic of the way he's played for the Bombers this year. I don't care how talented you are; if you can't secure the football, you won't stick with a team. Keith Stokes, take note.

John Avery, take note.

True dat. What's with Avery this year? I don't remember him coughing up the ball this much when he was ripping it up in Edmonton two years ago. Why has he suddenly developed the dropsies?

im sure there must be a better canadian out there the bombers could sign so that it would make getting rid of kamau easier... im kind of suprised they let mcgarity go without putting him on the trade block, several teams wanted him at the beginning of the year maybe the bb could have got something for him? a new janitor maybe....

Good Canadian receivers are hard to find. I really don't think they could do better than Peterson at this point.

As for McGarity, do you honestly believe any team is going to TRADE for him based on his performance this season? No one else but Winnipeg, except maybe Saskatchewan due to Dominguez's injury, is really hurting enough at receiver to trade for McGarity:

BC: Simon, Thelwell, Claremont, Jackson
Edmonton: Tucker, Mitchell, Hervey (injured), Cavil
Calgary: Copeland, Lewis
Ottawa: Murphy, Woodcock, Cutolo, Armstead
Toronto: Baker, Miles, Bruce, Talbot
Hamilton: Brazzell, Morreale, Flick, Yeast
Montreal: Cahoon, Vaughn, Watkins, Stala

First off, you never like to see a player out right released like that, but heck he really hadnt done a thing, so YEEHAW. This McDonald guy looks like he can help, 1000 yards in 14 games with the stamps in 03 before blowing out his knee, lets hope that has rehab along with his, ughm, personal problems.

There is also talk that Santino Hall has approached the bombers, what his story, bad attitude as well, anyone know.

Hmm.... Everyone seems to overlook the fact that Stoddard has been brought up which is surprising considering that us Bomber fans have been ******** about bringing him into the starting lineup.

I still can’t believe Mcgarity didn’t pan out. I watched him when the Stamps brought him into the league and my wife and I were both convinced he was going to be the next big return man in the league. He looked like he could go all-the-way evertime. You never can tell about a player sometimes.

......McGarity played his time out in Winn the same way he ended his career here......dropping balls, heading straight to the sideline instead of up the field....etc.....we WAS a decent player but seems to have lost his edge......

Havn't other teams in the CFL been paying attention to McGarity's play? According to, McGarity has already drawn interest from the Ottawa Renegades. They have a fine recieving corps. Why would they need McGarity?

when Stoddard finally gets to start he should prove out to be what everyone has been saying all along ...that he has too much talent to sit on the bench........good riddance Wayne McDropsy.... :arrow:

Wayne McGarity seems like a great player, from what i remember him in Calgary. If he's mr dropsy, maybe he should change positions. How do u think he'd do in the secondary?

i could see mcgarity ending up with either the ticats or riders... the riders only because of injurty problems... the ticats, because mcgarity and brazzell would make an excellent 1-2 punch.


Never liked McGarity when he was with Calgary…A bit of a space pilot. McDonald should help. Hopefully Stoddard will play more.