Bombers release Lenny Walls

According to CFL daily on twitter, the Bomber's will soon announce the release of DB Lenny Walls.Methinks they're getting Robinson or Malveaux back.Wall's would be a nice fit in Hamilton in our starved secondary... :smiley:

WPG is getting worse by the week. Apologists made a case all they needed was a QB the rest of the team was fine. They cant even say that now.

Don't know how Marshall sees him but I'd love him here as a "rental".

Here's a link

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Our Secondary is our greatest area for improvement right now.

Lenny released. Gavin traded

Starved secondary???

Did you miss the additions of Poole and Shivers?
With Tisdale, Bradley, and Beveridge and Barker there are not a whole lot of vacant spots for starting DBs

According to this article titled "Walls tumble down" by Kirk Penton in the Winnipeg Sun, Gavin Walls was due to receive a bonus payment of approximately $15,000.00 this Monday. Although the article does not mention whether Lenny Walls is also due a bonus payment on Monday, and even though the article mentions his age and above-average salary, the fact that the Bombers have released a defensive back who had seven interceptions last year leads one to wonder whether it is another bonus avoidance situation.

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8) If the truth be known, the majority of these big name players that are being released (or traded) is because of bonus payments being due them, and because of their large salaries !!!
  Despite what some GM's will tell you to the contrary, that is the real reason !!

So you're saying we should go with 4 starter's and pray to god that none of them get injured?Also don't want a competition at camp to see if we can get the best possible secondary going?

competion in camp makes championships in the end if we can bring him in make guys fight for there jobs not just sign a contract for them.