Bombers release Kicker Duncan O'Mahony according to TSN!!!!

The Blue Bombers have released place kicker Duncan O'Mahony today according to TSN and he is looking to join another CFL team. Let's get this guy or Matt Kellett or who ever we can't take another chance at more missed opportunities and lost games. GO CATS GO!!!!

Wildly inconsistent, not to mention personal problems that made him a no show at Training camp.

I too just saw this. I really hope that Boreham can turn things around but at the same time I can't help but think that he is on a short leash.

I say bring him in, yeah he has had presonal issues, but really what cfl player hasnt, it is full of drama, he gets the job done, inconsistant, have you been watching the ticats last few seasons, thats all i have to say for now

I wasn't impressed by Boreham either on Saturday. However, having said that, he wasn't the only kicker in this league having a bad day. It looked like just about all the kickers and punters were having problems this weekend.
Hopefully he'll snap out of this 'cause I don't think O'Mahoney is the answer.
Just my 2 cents on the matter :expressionless:

O'Mahoney's "personal problems" go way beyond those of most players... I've only heard rumours, which I won't spread here, but all I can say is that some time out of football could be the best thing for him, personally and professionally. I wish him the best, and I wish the TiCats won't pick him up.

Great idea, replace the top kicker from last year with one of the worst kickers to ever play in this league.

sask picked up a new kicker, and BC has that pikula kid as a backup...both are better than boreham.

maybe when mccallough is healed and the lions release pikula, the cats can sign him....he went 100% yesterday.

Pikula was 67% on Field Goals yesterday. Made from 37 (about) and 17, missed from 30.

We don't need an inconsistent kicker (wildly I might add), replaced with an inconsistent kicker (mildly or otherwise).

That is a position that we require stability. I can't even watch either of those two when they kick, unless it's for the comedic value.

Pikula missed the fg that would have put the lions up by 2 wth less than a minute left, I dont think we want that, at least jamie is, I mean was clutch, bring in a vet to compete and see if he turns his game around.

duncan is a horrible kicker.
bring in ozzy or ruoff like last year and work with boreham and his mechanics.

wally buono said pikulas miss was due to a bad snap / hold...3 outta 4 is still better than 0-3....and the cats brought in fleming to push boreham, and its done nothing.

O'Mahony probably wouldn't even show up.

As an aside, I played peewee football with Pikula. He played quarterback and linebacker, kicked as often as a peewee football team kicks, and his nickname was "pitbull". I can't beleive he's a pro kicker now.

This is the best suggestion I’ve heard so far.

If were going to bring in fossils to kick :o) how about Toe Bashing Dave Cutler, or the Big Z, Gerry Organ, Trevor Kennard,