Bombers release Joey Elliot

According to Bombers have released QB Joey Elliot -----------hmmmmmmmmmm--------and safety Ian Logan.---Definately did not see the Elliot release coming , thought he did quite well when Buck was hurt. Me thinks we could use a back-up with some experience.

But perhaps one with the right experience? :slight_smile:

His best rating was in 2012 with a 72. He had two very good games, but threw 12 INTs against 5 TDs last season. They're going with Buck and Brink I guess, plus a young kid.

Sign 'em , Kent , don’t get stuck with Stephen Jyles.

Elliot may not be gold plated, but he's completed 215 passes over three years in this league, compared to the combined 0 completions on 0 attempts (in regular season) by the current backups on our roster. For a fleeting instant last year, Bomber fans fell in love with the guy. Heaven forbid something should happen to Burris, it would be nice not to have to go directly to "Plan C". Doesn't mean Plan B has to be Elliot, but I hope (and presume) we will see another QB with CFL experience brought to camp.

Did he play against our defence last year? If so wipe that game off the stat sheet as last years D could make anyone look good.