Bombers release Dinwiddie

I was suprised that Mike Kelly released Dinwiddie so quick, even after his praises a few days ago to the media, his favorite is LeFors, but there remains Kilian, Randall, and Hackney. My favorite is the overweight Hackney who has NFL experience and one hell of a rocket arm I seen last week in opening day of rookie training camp. But time will tell if Kelly sticks with his favorite LeFors, we can expect almost anything from this coach.

Anything Kelly does is a surprise? The guy seems, shall we say, not conventional. I hope he doesn't drive the Bombers into the ground...

So Dinwiddie was released to make room for Printers .... Williams... :wink:...and 'apparently' Dinwiddie has received a call from the Riders according to our local press.. :roll:

Wow. CLEARLY the Bombers are the weakest team in the league at the QB position.

I dunno about that. I think the Argos are one rough tackle on KJ away from being the weakest. I have absolutly zero confidence in our backups.

I disagree, the Bombers have a good on in Lefors. The Lions are the weakest at QB, Pearce simply is not durable enough and Jackson is simply not a smart QB.

Keep spreading those comments around, especially to the defenses around the league........ :wink: :wink: We need to be put as underdogs. :wink: :wink:

QB isn't the problem for the Lions. Defensive front four and Offensive line is where I worry about the Lions this year. Its a rebuilding year for us, but not at QB. I'd take Pierce over Glenn, Leflors, and Joseph any day.

The critics will be out that Pierce and Jackson are getting sacked all the time, but I will blame our inexperienced O-line for those.

2010 will be better than 2009.

It’s not like Kelly is taking apart the 1980 Eskimos. He is taking apart a team that was 8 and 10 with all kinds of attitude and focus problems. The Bombers have won nothing in almost 20 years, so he has nothing to lose. He came in and saw a team with a party first, culture. He is trying to change it.
Nobody on this site has the experience and wealth of knowledge that Kelly has.I will go along with Kelly,unless someone else has more experience than he has ??? People forget he was the o coordinator under Murphy and will bring that much needed attitude and swagger back. People forget , he should have gotten this job after Murphy was fired. But the Bombers went with Reinbold who had no experience. That’s why I laugh at the morons, who compare Reinbold to Kelly. Kelly has way more experience than Reinbold had, when he took over.

Geez Dinwiddie deserves a better shot. I hope he sticks somewhere. I think the guy has some talent and could help a team. He just needs to be able to play.

most women in my office started being bomber fans after the grey cup he was in.

well. if he signs with calgary, i know my wife will want to go to more games...

Seriously? My girlfriend thinks he's creepy looking.

southern alberta... riggers and ranchers... creepy is hot round here.

Try Ritchie Williams. Printers wouldn't play in Winnipeg if hell froze over!

Unconfirmed rumor that Dinwiddie might have some shoulder problems.'s called 'noodleitis'.....effects the throwing arm resulting in 'balloon' like passes...
Kidding aside Ryan has a great attitude and i hope he catches on somewhere....I liked the guy he's got a lot on the ball...just not when he throws it....Good Luck Ryan... :thup:

He won more games than Porter last year.

No he didn't.....