Bombers release Denmark & Turner

Not really a surprise here, something had to give and there had to be some more casualties along the way with all the FA's and new blood coming to the Peg this season. My guess is that both will eventually find new homes elsewhere this season as both still have a little bit of gas left in the tank and can certainly help another team out this upcoming season. It will be interesting to see where and when both of these players wind up.

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Not sure if any teams have a lot of Cap space left to sign veterans.
Maybe SSK did Chick and Dressler a favour releasing them when they did.

....Tough to see them go but they were replaced by better...Cummings and Dressler...I really liked Denmark and I hope he catches on somewhere else...Turner was hurt last year (turf toe) otherwise he would be a solid pick-up for someone..

Sorry if I misunderstand, are you suggesting that Dressler is better than Denmark ?

Please ,no way in this universe. Denmark is heads and tails better than Dressler by far.

Denmark can play on my Stamps any day.

We lost Eric Rogers and picked up Bakari Grant, which I am not happy about.

Bakari Grant is gunna be a monster for you guys dont worry about that. I was sorry to see him go but with that talent I wouldnt want to be 3rd or 4th fiddle either. Looking forward to seeing what Toliver and Underwood do in year 2, both looked very promising. As well as new additions Chad Owens and Spencer Watt (who was signed last year but hurt before TC and done for the season)

You guys got Chad Owens. That is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Serious FA win for the Cats. CO and ZC had some great chemistry in TO. No doubt that will carry over in the Hammer. Looking fwd to that.

I suppose it depends on how you define "better" , is faster better or surer hands or yards after catch.
The Bombers get someone that can also return kicks and can get the job done at a lower cost.

....Not only am I suggesting, I'm stating as fact...Dressler is better than Denmark...I don't know how you can come to the conclusion that Denmark is superior after watching their careers up until now...Dressler is far more versatile and I would say faster...So if you think Denmark will fill the bill cuz you couldn't sign Dressler (and don't give me the baloney that you weren't hot after him) then Clarence would be a great pick up for the stamps...certainly.

Agreed. Look, I like Clarence Denmark, he shows up to work, puts in his work on and off the field, durable, and is not a problem individual. But facts are facts. Statistically speaking, Dressler puts up better numbers, can return kicks if needed, which is something Denmark could not do. Biggest factor is that once Terrence Edwards retired, Denmark was the senior member of the receiving group and was expected to lead. He lead by example which can be fine but it wasn't good enough as Denmark too often disappeared in games where we needed him to step up. Dressler is that leader and shows up in big games. Denmark is a complimentary piece, a good one at that and one I wish we could have kept around. He'll be a good complimentary receiver for someone else now.

As for Turner, I like him as well. I think he's suffered some decline in his play but I think some of that is a function of the revolving door of head and defensive coaching staffs. He'll get another shot somewhere and it wouldn't surprise me if he has a few more good years.

This site would be no fun if everyone agreed now would it ? Fine, you guys made your point.

Glad you Bomber fans are happy about it. Happy Bombers fans are rare. LOL
Sorry, had to get that little dig in.

Do not be surprised if Denmark ends up a Lion. He is still good and the Lions need some vet leadership on the O.
Something they have been missing since A.Bruce and G.Simon departed.

My guess is that Denmark will find his way to Saskatchewan and get signed there. As for Turner I have no clue at this moment where he will end up. In the case of Turner I'm thinking that the first team that has a starter go down to injury will be giving Turner a call.

Turner before Denmark in Riderville.

Who knows ? Maybe they'll both wind up wearing Green this season, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

No site love for Denmark. This is shocking.

Regardless of where he ends up, he will be a plus impact and will be welcomed.
You people heard it from me first.

Denmark ends up in Ottawa, Riders are content with their Receivers I feel.

I like Denmark. He got caught up in a change of the veteran leadership at receiver here, going from him and Nick Moore to Dressler and Smith. He'll deliver for anyone who can put him in a #2 or #3 spot. I think he could be a solid complementary piece in Edmonton behind Bowman and Walker for instance. BC doesn't seem like much of an option since they already have Arceneaux, Moore, Collie, and Hawkins. Both players will also have to adjust what they are looking for given it's late in the offseason period and teams won't be willing to commit, especially Denmark since most teams already have their top 2 receivers in place and won't pay a whole lot for the 3rd/4th slots on the depth chart.

I could see Denmark in Calgary.

...For someone who is suggesting that there's no 'luv' for Denamark, far from fact I wouldn't mind re-signing him, however, for a lot less than his contract was dictating...Nobody can ever say that he is not a talented receiver...just not for the money he was getting...And good luck to Clarence...a class act that some team will sign.

In Ottawa ? They're the last team I would think he would end up with. The TWOCOLOURS already have four 1000 yard receivers from last year on their roster and realistically I can't see them signing Denmark to a contract. I would love to see him in Black "n" Gold in Hamilton but we are currently well stocked at the receiver position as well and like Ottawa really don't have any room for him at the present time. I still say he winds up signing on in the prairies as a Rider eventually for this season. It will be payback for the Bombers signing away Dressler and Smith from the Riders plus Saskatchewan looking at their current roster doesn't exactly have a very impressive bunch of receivers and could certainly use a veteran presence that a Denmark could bring to the team this season.

Not sure why payback would figure into it. If he really wanted either receiver he would have made more of an effort to retain either or both. I doubt the Riders look at Denmark mainly because Jones seems to prefer receivers who are close to or over 6 feet tall and second, the Riders have already added Mo Price, John Chiles, and Shamwad Chambers who better fit the mold of what he wants. Plus I'm sure Jones/Murphy expect to unearth another receiver or two in their scouting.