Bombers Release Chris Matthews

Quite surprising as he was the deep threat they were looking for.

Question now is does any other team pick him up?

Deep threat? 12 receptions for 180 yards in 6 games. Only 1 TD. Yes, 1 for 51 yards but if you exclude it, it’s 11 receptions for 129 yards. Nothing to write home about!

I don’t see any team picking him,Sheldon.


Bombers obviously had high expectations, signing him to a 3 yr. contract. Wanted him as the deep threat to replace Dressler.

But he was injured 2 games, healthy scratch 2 games, and there was the mysterious night club knife wound he received.

I would still expect a team to sign him should injuries hit their receiver group.

Well perhaps now if suffering from injuries that are impeding even mediocre performance, perhaps he uses the 8 months from now to May to heal and train for the better beyond his past abilities and skills on display.

Unless the injuries are permanently debilitating, it’s up to him.

It’s not like he’s lost all the talent and tools.

…‘deep threat’ is not currently a viable option in the bombers play book…

Neither is Chris Matthews evidently. His numbers were simply a disappointment to most Bomber fans as well as to anyone who picked him in Fantasy.


He is an odd guy. Has more than a bit of Duron Carter in him.

If you watch him live you see often that he didn’t run routes unless he was the main target.

I think more must have come to light from the “stabbing” incident, that and he just wasn’t fitting in to the team culture. I guess best to cut weight before the contract is guarenteed.
Too bad though, despite his slow start I was hoping he’d step up big at this point of the season…now we’re in tough.

Never really even got to see him & Adams on the field at the same time.

Rider Nation is behind all this I assume…(Nichols, Harris, Matthews)

Really this is gonna be your excuse when we beat you this week-end!! LOL yah we have all the power in the league!! LMAO

Power in numbers, and it seems the green fans are coming out in droves over the past week…hmmmm same time all the Bombers have been taken off the team… :o

If you are going to be “THE” big time receiver on a team you have to actually catch the ball.He had way to many catchable balls end up on the turf. Off with his head !

That would be a very quick way for him to wear out his welcome in the Bombers’ locker room and with Coach O’Shea. Lack of effort wouldn’t be tolerated. I’m surprised that he lasted even this long therefore.


Very interesting timing to cut him.
Injuries kept him out.
Nichols is not exactly a long ball thrower.
Than Nichols goes down & Strevler isnt a passer at. All.
With NFL cuts Coming up. Perhaps the bombers have the scoop of a top player(s) returning to Cfl.
& need the cap space.
Its gona be a wild few weeks. As things get sorted out across. Cfl & NFL.

MontreALS just got better although REC is one of their stronger positions

That’s funny; I was just about to say he’d end up in Montreal. They have a history of signing mediocre players who are distractions in the locker room.

There’s more to the stabbing incident than any of us know; the media didn’t release any details. But we know that O’Shea knows the whole story, and my guess is the coach wasn’t too happy about the whole thing.

The Bombers likely signed him to a steep contract, or he wouldn’t have accepted such a long-term deal. With him not being productive, they didn’t want to be responsible to pay him for the whole year.

That and Montreal has a fetish for our former players ;D

Oh, right, like y’all weren’t scooping up our castoffs in the years when we were a powerhouse and you were basement dwellers.

Fandom is great. Don’t let it make you delusional.

He needs to catch the ball to be an improvement .Perhaps he will , who knows .

I don’t think we were stalking you like a jaded teenager…just in the past couple weeks DJ Lalama & Matthews signed within hours of being released…on top of throwing Loffler insane $$ (suspicious now ofcourse), B Bryant, and I’m sure a few others I’m forgetting right now.

But hey, get your head out of the gutter - you’re no longer basement dwellers! ;D

How do we even know if he’s healthy given the injuries plaguing him all season? And if he is “healthy,” is he really fully-recovered enough to be back in top form? Or will it take a few more games out?