Bombers release Carter

…Winnipeg gave Eric Carter his walking papers Friday…all-star cornerback who led the team last year in ITs and pass knock downs…to make room for younger players…sheesh, whos running the PR show papazoola? Here’s a guy with now EIGHT kids in his house to look after and no job. He asked the BB front office to give him one more year then he would retire and try his hand at coaching but it looks like that was one year too much for Taman…hope some other team picks him up…

BC could really use his services.

Every game they lost last year was due to a weak secondary - including the Grey Cup. They stopped all the short plays, but whenever Allen threw deep, BC got burned.

I’d take him back in a second…Wally…Are you listening?

HEH TAKE IT EASY ON THE OLD PAPA…I’m sure this is one of the toughest decisions the Bomber front office had to make…with all the heartache this guy has gone through and then being told you’re no longer wanted by the team, would knock the hell out of a lot of players. Being the class guy he is Eric will pick himself up and end up a success somewhere I’m sure…Bombers are in rebuild mode and he got caught in a youth-drive. The first thing a player finds out in this league that IT IS a business AND AS COLD AS THAT MAY SEEM …a business is a business is a business…All the best to Eric; I know he’ll land on his feet.

Hey Papazoola…We’ll gladley send you Dante Marsh for Carter! Marsh is great on special teams… Defense on Convert attempts !

Eric didn’t like Wally-Ball…one of the reasons he came to the Bombers so I don’t think your deal would work out…we’ also have a few contenders in the secondary that are quite a bit better than Dante, so you can keep him… :lol:

c’mon sign with the esks.

Kanga; I don’t believe any team ,when they make changes, intends them to be regressive…sometimes hard decisions have to be made and cutting Eric was one of them…do you think leaving the BOMBER team the way it was last year would be an option…no…so give the new coach a chance to do his thing. IF that proves to be a bad decision…letting Carter go , rail on them then. Like I said before, training camp hasn’t even hit the field yet …give it a chance. :!:

Papazoola has it right - in Edmonton there was a big freak-out when the Esks released Willie Pless and Benny Goods when they were both still good players.

The thing is, they were replaced by good younger players and each of them only played for one more season anyways.

I’m sure management had a good reason.

When I first heard this I thought, “Great, maybe we can finally get him back.”

Then I thought, why?

The Cats brought in a bunch of good young DBs part way through last season, who are all back this year: Chris Martin, Airabin Justin, and Jason Goss. It was the addition of these players that helped turn our defence around and led to a strong finish to the season. Add them to Jemonte Battle and Renard Cox who were with us since training camp, and veterans Wayne Shaw, Dedric Mathis, Sandy Beveridge, and Rob Hitchcock, and the Cats have no use for Carter.

Besides, I didn’t like the way he left the team that gave him his start in the CFL. When he became a free agent he told the team and the media that he wanted to stay in Hamilton, that he was close to coming to terms with the Cats, and he expected to sign a new contract in the next couple of days. Then a few days later he signs with B.C.