bombers release arthur

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to make room for dogget... trooper beat me to the other topic, that howell is also on his way back and was at practice today


also i didnt realize troopers sun article covered the arthur release... mod feel free to delete this thread

Can the Als put another local receiver on the PR ???

Really, really not much left from Kelly/Murphy’s fiasco except maybe some lingering foot odor in the office…

odell willis, titus ryan..

thats what we got for bryant and franklin, a stud defensive end and a returner who may or may not make the nfl..

arthur = over hyped for years, he hasnt done anything and the 2 practises i did check out during camp.. arthur looked lost, coaches kept telling him where he needed to be. this would be different if he was 25 and straight out of cis or even 26 like watson and straight out of cis but he wasnt. he's been hyped to death and hasnt done crap.

besides, calgary already resigned him apparently.

....HMMMMMM.....he sure got picked-up by the cowtown boys in a hurry...I wonder if his injuries were that serious....seems Huffer doesn't care....Maybe he was wandering around the Bomber tc. pretending to be a big dummy..get released so he could make his way back to Burris and the boys :roll: (i always like the hidden agenda angle :lol: )...Too bad he never really got to show anything with us.....BUT making room for Doggett is a must right now....Marcus Howell might have some game left....Being a Wpg. kid always helps...He was on the practice field today....maybe he just jogged around the cornor from his house to see what's up :lol: :wink: :thup:

No big loss here in my opinion, 2 years/2 injuries and literally no playing time in a real game!! With the emergence of Jeffers-Harris we are fine at reciever in the NI field with Ralph and Hargreaves and Howell.

Don't forget Watson, I think he's the reason Arthur was expendable.

Players need to practice and play to keep a spot on a roster in any capacity. Arthur didn't play himself off the squad. When he was on the field he, by all accounts, wasn't spectacular, and the rest of the time he couldn't get on the field with yet another injury. He may come back and get on the field with another team like calgary, but you can't afford the luxury of keeping a guy whose been on an injured list most of his professional career hoping he will at some point help out your team.

and with this coaching staff and many others u need to play to stay… i was sad to see dj hall go in preseason, i still think hed be better than tjh even after his great performance so far… but if u get hurt and cant show what u got, you dont have much of a chance… UNLESS youre a proven commodity… arthur was not

It wont be a tough loss because he hasnt played, but I still think he will be a stud Canadian Reciever for whoever he does play for. Just needs to knock off the rust he was showing in Pre-season

Knowing what we know now, he probably had a large contract too boot.

I don't recall there being anything said that he was extended so as far as we know he was still under the same contract he signed in Calgary before the trade.

Good point, I thought I read something about him holding out before signing with the Stamps, but can't find anything on it now.

Could you be thinking about Lenny Walls? He held out before being traded to us last season and then got a new contract.