Bombers release annual report

From the Bombers website:

The Winnipeg Football Club released its 2011 financial results today and the report contained solid news for the organization.

Blue Bombers Chief Operating Officer Jim Bell announced today the club’s net earnings from operations in 2011 are $3.014M and announced an overall net profit of $2.333M after stadium development costs. As a result, the Winnipeg Football Club’s overall net surplus has risen to $6.629M; up from $4.296M at the end of 2010. The team finished the 2011 season 10-8, first in the East division, and advanced to the 99th Grey Cup Championship.

“We're very, very pleased,? said President and CEO Garth Buchko. “The staff, both football operations and administration, should be commended on a great season. We had a tremendous turnaround in football and all aspects of the organization are on the rise. We’re very pleased with these results.?

The bottom line was a continuation of progress made in 2010, when the club posted a net profit of $409,191.

“We were very close to having every seat filled every night here, posting eight sellouts in a row,? Bell said. "The support for this team and this organization is just monumental and we’d like to thank all fans of the Blue Bombers and all of our corporate sponsors for their continued support.?

Great news!

Here's a link to the report:

Good news for the club, I guess getting rid of the nameless one really was a difference maker.

.....Jim Bell says we are the new 'benchmark' organization not the riders, after last years record profits...Now all we have to do is beat them on the field (not just the standings) and reverse that Labour Day and Banjo bowl beatings we took last year...Just saying that, i'm starting to get the game day itch again...How long till tc.????? :smiley: