Bombers release 21 players

Kind of makes you wonder what compromising pictures of Burke and Mack the remaining 42 players have. :lol:

....Never mind Wpgs. cuts...When the riders got to their thirteenth cut... I understand their minds went blank...Does that number have any special significance in riderville???.... :lol: :lol: I know you're really concerned but don't worry taleback ...Bombers will be just fine... :wink:

doubtful. just confident :lol:

...Costco must've had a sale on 13th man jokes papa, you seem to be doling them out like mad :smiley:

And they wonder why everyone hates the bombers with those comments above !!

Well after that 52 to nothing, zero, nada, 0, 0, u wonder why they cut most of the rookies :lol: They didn't have a chance to succeed , it's not rocket science, shheeeeeesh !!!

... :lol: ..just renewed my membership and as a bonus they gave me these little happened to be about the 13th. man...I luv that one :lol:

.....then when a post like yours comes along, such as the above, nobody takes it serious.... :lol: BUT we did keep the rook guys that sacked Burris a couple of times...bodes well for the future :lol:

Not that I want to get into the habit of defending Bomber fans, but isn't it kind of weird that a thread about cutting 21 players makes absolutely no mention about who any of them are? Let alone before the snide comments start?

I can't wait for your defensive response after reading this :lol:


If they win week 1 he is a genius though...just saying.
He said in an interview that going into week 1 last season 3 starters were out, and that Trestman taught him long healthy week one, start on a high.

I don't necessarily agree with his decision, but he had a lot of bubble decisions, and he saw who refused to step up. If the line can hold decently in week 1, this could be a great decision. I think it will be regretted, but know darned well I could eat crow on that.


After reading through this I got this crazy feeling that this years rendition of the Bombers is going to make the Mike Kelly regime look like the greatest thing that ever happened in Winnipeg. What a mess over there, Sigh....... again. Not good for the league when that market loses fan interest, which I'm sure will happen after the Banjo Bowl, and their still
0 -for.

Only in Hamilton would we complain about the coach of the opposing team (who we will be playing four times this season) potentially sabotaging their own team, because it might not let our starts get quite as much rust off. It's Burke's team, if he felt that was the best evaluation he could have got for his team, then that's his issue.

Stupid thread. There are no rules that require a team to field a certain number of vets in preseason games. I don't necessarily agree with the decision to play with the roster. I think by the way they handled playing time in both pre season games they basically assigned roster spots to a number of vets without still making them go out and compete or work on their in game timing which IMO is different than practice conditions. On the flip side none of the rookies could say or feel like they didn't get a chance to strut their stuff. All of those them, whether they are starters or become injury fill ins during the year, will have to play against another teams top tier players. Why wait to until week 2 or 10 or 14 to find out who can? And you can see a number of the younger guys who did perform in the preseason have made the roster or are headed for the PR. A lot of the cuts were guys who had obvious struggles. The two that are head scratchers are DB Desia Dunn and OL Chris Kowalczuk. Kowalczuk especially - won the starting centre job last year, struggled and was replaced at the request of Buck in favour of Sorensen, and the wasn't very good in the Hamilton game either. I am wondering how DeWitt was let go so quickly and yet he still made the squad?

Released: WR Kurt Adams, DL Zach Anderson, DB Bert Brown, LB Wendell Brown, QB Chase Clement, DL Dexter Davis, DL Anthonmy Degrate, OL Brendan Dunn, FB Carl Fitzgerald, DL Marguis Frazier, DB David James, WR Trever Kennedy, DB Dakota Marshall, WR Jameze Massey, WR Quinton McCree WR Wallace Miles, P Billy Pavlopoulos, DB WEsley Pendleton, OL Aderious Simmons, S Teague Sherman, LB Ian Wild.

Dekota Marshal got cut, jeez he was one of the players I felt did well. Apart from a Pass Interference call, he was solid on coverage and would have had an int if not for a case of the dropsies. Oh well.

And Eric Harris for the Ticats had the pick and more and got PR'd.

Bombers haven't announced their PR yet. A few names have been mentioned by the media but I don't know if he will be one of them.