Bombers @ RedBlacks

Lots of flags in this one. Preseason games don't tend to mean a lot, but the RedBlacks are looking like they're not far away from being organized on offense, with the biggest problem being drops and penalties.

Bombers, not so much. Good thing it's pre-season.

Four flags in the last four plays.

Oh, wait. Five flags in five plays now. And I guess they're letting that jump at the line go to keep it from being six.

And there's another one. Six in seven. They're going to wear the flags out by the end of this one. :lol:

is this televised?

I've got it on TSN2.

Is the bomber online bad or is Willy hanging on to the ball way too long? Both?

That was another example of why this "scoring plays are automatically reviewed" rule doesn't work properly. That WAS a scoring play, one official even called it as such. They eventually ruled it wasn't... but it was. Because they ruled it wasn't, no review, and it turned out there was no way to challenge the error. Rick Campbell tried by challenging something else on the same play, but it didn't work.

Had it been looked at, it would have been overturned quickly, as the replay was very clear.

It seems weird that you can't challenge "the guy didn't step out of bounds" but you can challenge PI.

If Castillo can punt…

Ottawa looks sharp, Burris passes for over 250 yards in one half despite a bunch of drops.
Willy ? he looks flat and the Ottawa "D" is dominating.

What he had in mind will never work


Yet you can challenge that someone DID go out of bounds

He wasted a challenge because even if the command centre sees it, they cannot change it


Yet you can challenge that someone DID go out of bounds

There's a minute left in the half in a preseason game. Not like the challenge was doing him any good if he couldn't challenge the actual problem.

It's a pretty absurd hole in the rules, with so many things you can do, automatic reviews, the "eye in the sky", somehow there was no way to fix an obvious error that wiped out a touchdown?

That could be a pretty big deal if it happened in a game that mattered.

Both, I think. Whole offense has looked poor.

The Oline has struggled, no question. Goosen in particular is having a rough game at centre, Neufeld has been up and down over at RT. Goosen will start the season at centre, especially with Keeping out for at least the first third of the season. They've been trying to push Neufeld to be the third starting Nat on the Oline at RT but with his injury issues and inconsistency it's just folly IMO. We're better off starting an INT there like Travis Bond or Jamarcus Hardrick. The OLine has settled down in the second half but it's backups on DLine now for the RBs so can't get too excited about that.


They should go with the black helmets

Yes it was a preseason game but the challenge will carry over to the second half
The reason it was a waste is because during a challenge, the command center cannot over rule it because stepping OOB is not challengeable to begin with
Had they seen offside or procedure for example, they cannot rule on it
If they see illegal contact...they can

The Defence seemed to be ahead of the offence for both programmes, eh?

The Bombers'll have to worry about that pivot-centre exchange, if they want to put some majors on the board.

The starting twelve for the RedBlack offence were flying around like a buncha skeeters out there.

If one of the officials ruled the play dead because he thought the player stepped out of bounds, then the play has to be dead at that point, and no review can or should change that. Otherwise, the other team could claim that their player(s) let up when they heard the whistle.

Not sure that's what happened, as I wasn't watching, but if so, it makes sense.

That is what happend but Campbell(HC Campbell?) challanged PI in the hopes that the command centre would see that the run did not go OOB and rule it a TD.

The command centre can only overrule something is it is reviewable and OOB is not

Missing Keeping for eight weeks is not a significant loss. He's not close to being a starting caliber C at this point in his career. If you think your OLine is bad now, it'd be even worse with Keeping at C.

Campbell threw a challenge flag, but head referee Tim Kroeker informed him that the play was effectively (over) when Van was ruled out of bounds, and that call couldn’t be challenged.

“I had to make something up, I did,? Campbell said after the game. “I had to make something up because they were going to give me a delay-of-game penalty.?