Bombers @ RedBlacks

Must win?

Must win!

....NO win = done..

Great return by Leggett after a brutal pick 6 to start the game. Already more points (almost) scored tonight than any game played last week!

I don’t know who is worse now, Etch or Osh, they are both bat shit crazy with their calls.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.......Cory Watson has an upper body injury and won't be back tonight. Well, at least he made it through a few games this time!

We will see what the Bombers are made of in half #2. This is basically their season, given that the rest of their upcoming schedule is tough.

We just can't stop the run! Our Achilles heal (we have a few) all year.I guess you just can't undo the damage done in the Mack years overnight and sooner or later it catches up with you.

......See ya... in 2015... What a joke of a club :thdn:

Give credit to Mike Gibson. If you catch Etch's D in one of their twisting stunts and you run the right gap, you can really gash them for big gains on the ground.

I totally disagree Papa. The team has made huge leaps this year. The most important advances have been in management with pretty decent advances on field. You don't change the world in a year.A joke? No, last year was a joke.I know you bleed blue but have patience, we are on the right road. :thup:

.....IF you can say that with a straight face ,after watching that performance against a pathetic team like the Redblacks...then you are a bugger for punishment...... :thdn: :thdn:...There's so many holes in this team, especially exposed tonight, that it'll take a miracle to put it back together...

Pretty big game for the bombers and to suck like that....well say no more.

I’ ve been pulling for your team. You seemed to have it all at the beginning of the season and, have the benefit of a good Canadian coach and, a good QB. Missed the game tonight except for the final minutes. Very surprised at the result. Could one of of you guys brief your Eastern fans on whats going on. Surprised Ottawa won tonight. I thought Peg would really compete this year. What’s up?

Normally I'm pretty positive about the Bombers.... This team can't run the ball and WE CAN"T STOP THE RUN. This team can't sack QBs and WE CAN"T PROTECT OUR OWN. Lots of missed catches and LOTS OF MISSED TACKLES. Stupid, stupid PENALTIES.We can't beat the best teams and now WE CAN"T BEAT THE WORST !!!!!!! I thought we were supposed to be getting better. I don't see it. The only positive is that I was too ill to go to Ottawa to pay and watch a DISGRACEFUL display last night. There seems to be no sense of urgency and some players seem to just be going through the motions.I know, I know, it sounds like I'm describing last year... We keep making teams look good and now we've created a new star in Ottawa. Beware RedBlacks, the other teams are able to stop the run

I like this post from

You've all been to the cocktail party in question. Someone pulls out a deck of cards and puts on a show of prestidigitation and slight of hand. "Pick a card, any card", the magician tells you. The crowd is amazed. "Do it again they cry"! The magician obliges. He does it again. There is always one bright light in he room who sees thru the smoke and mirrors. But he's not about to spoil the act. "Again!" they cry. The magician, his ego inflated by the applause, performs the trick over and over again. Eventually there is only one duffus in the room who doesn't see thru the illusion. Eventually even he sees the light.

Imagine a cocktail party with all the CFL quarterbacks and offensive coordinators in attendance. Gary Etchevery is the lone defensive invitee. He pulls out his deck of cards shuffles them and begins his show. Well you already know what happens. The audience is initially impressed. Eventually as the party wears on everyone gets the trick.

For a third of the season GE made chicken salad from chicken feathers. Everyone bought into the stick. You don't need a big aggressive mean DL to disrupt an OL, give me a deck of small quick tweeners, shuffle them up, throw in a undersized linebacking watch my hands! Don't employ a system, no rules, switch them up, rotate them, shuffle them here there my hands......

Well he didn't fool Penn and Teller, and it looks like Henry Burris was the last guy at the party to figure it out.

In brief, Etchevery's defense sucks and Bellefeuille's offense isn't far behind. I don't often make predictions but I'd bet that we will never win a Grey Cup with these guys as our co-ordinators.

O'Shea looked great as a HC in the first quarter of the season, but, looking back, that was only because there was no film on the new systems the Bombers started. As the season wore on, teams did their homework in the film room, and that has exposed O'Shea and his coordinators as being a very beatable regime.

This team needs better coaches and better players. Like everyone has speculated, it will take a good two more years minimum to build up the depth of the Bombers, personnel-wise, to the point where you can compete for a playoff spot. Etch and Bellefuelle will not make it to next year, and O'Shea will be gone next year if he and Walters don't hire better coordinators.

Walters should also be held accountable for hiring a special teams coach to be head coach in Winnipeg. A head coach with head coaching experience should have been hired instead. That is on Walters, and should not be forgotten.

I agree with most of what has been said, but I keep wondering if O'Shea is too buddy-buddy with his players. They wouldn't be too happy with me if I was HC. I'd still be ripping new ones today and tomorrow and the day after.

Bellefuelle was a problem with the Alouettes. He did not make executive use of the great Calvillo when he was OC in Montreal.It took Treatman with his west coast offense featuring a quick release of the ball to get the As to the Grey Cup., mind you, he did assist the TiCats to better form while HC of them. O'Shea was quite popular in the East for his dynamic use of seldom used plays like the Statue of Liberty kind of stuff. As Dan38 notes, at times he appears to passively accept let downs, as contrasted to Austin of the Ti Cats. I think his players must dread coming back to the bench after they screw up. I'm hoping the BB will have a late season surge as happened during their first 5 games of the season. On a positive note, I believe you have a gem in Willy.

Oh god now you're talking about replacing the head coach already. I'm sure as hell glad none of you guys are in charge! :thdn: