Bombers Redblacks game thread.

Basement bowl. Go RedBlacks!

Lets go Bombers!!!!!!!!
At the very least lets hope for an entertaining game :thup:

Nice return! go Bombers!

So far its exciting, unlike some recent FNF games.

I honestly dont care if the Bombers win... I JUST WANT TO SEE SOME PRO FOOTBALL?

Hard to believe how weak Maher's leg is

[quote="EastVanMark"]Hard to believe how weak Maher's leg is[

Weak leg?? it was a 52 yard attempt that made that made the end zone but was wide, I'd say accuracy was he problem there. He didn't miss by much considering it was 52 yards

Didn’t realize it was from 52. Ya accuracy is the problem. Apparently the announcers said his accuracy has been poor this year even from outside 40 yards

Looks like Ottawa found themselves a running back.

And a quarterback. :slight_smile: Is it a sell out?

Burris still hasnt thrown for a TD pass... That is truely amazing. What a frickin waste of money. Burris should of retired.

What’s this? An exciting back and forth game with more than 9 points scored in a half? :wink:

This is typical CFL game, which has been missing in action most of the year.

I wonder how the RBs will screw this one up and lose? :?

pull burris
try more 50+yard FG
prevent D

Jonathan Williams is a keeper.
Why did we get rid of him?

BB coverage is horrid.

if the old kackert returns, it wont matter

Fixed it for ya

Haven't seen but snippets. Bombers D looks to be struggling...ORBs seem to be having fun...big smiles can go a long way on a team.