Bombers Quarterbacking situation for 07

Okay,like other Winnipeg fans,I want to be positive about our Qb's! I have never been a Kevin Glenn fan and,yeah! I hope he proves me wrong!! I don't believe the Bombers are going to get to the Grey Cup with Glenn leading them! So far Holland has impressed but more playing time is needed before any true judgement can be handed down. Sending Banks to the Al's was a smart move. They should of thrown in Dumbwittie for a draft choice while they were at it! Jackson from B.C. is probably not the answer but if the Blue and Gold would of got off their butts a little quicker they should of secured Butler from Regina before Hamilton had the brains to do it! Why? Because he is a very solid backup and would of pushed Glenn to the limit. Glenn can carry on like usual because he's already been named #1 so where is the challenge? Glenn could toss 3 int. next pre-season game and it won't make any difference in Edmonton for the season opener he'll start no matter what!
I don't believe the Blue have the right Qb combination to finish in the top 4 teams this year. I sincerely hope as a Bomber fan that I'am proven wrong but if we stay with the people we have now then I don't see any improvement over last year! This will be a make or break year for Glenn in Winnipeg,Joseph in Regina and Burris in Calgary! I still wouldn't be surprised to see a major trade involving at least one starting Qb before the end of June. Just my observations to date!

Your a Bomber fan?

Which 4 teams have a better QB situation then Winnipeg? BCL, Sask.... ????

Not 1 of Calgary, Edmonton or Montreal.
Hamilton and TO don't even know who their starters are.

Bombers are tied for 3rd in the their QB situation and have a QB quickly improving, how can you Rag on Glenn? he's 27(just a few days ago) the second youngest Starter in the League(after Ray).

you would have done this trade:
Derek Armstrong, Obby Khan, 2007 2nd round pick (Corey Mace)
Rocky Butler, 2007 3rd round pick and 5th round picks

That is a pretty steep price to pay for Butler, and that is about an equal price to what Hamilton Paid, they gave up a 1K yard Receiver + Starting OL.

I wouldn't do that Trade, no way I'd do that Trade.

5 of 14 Starts/finishes with over 250 yards(passing)
3 of 9(remaining) starts/finishes with 200-250 yards(passing)

so he had a total of 6 bad games, but still won 2 of em.

6 bad games:
first 2 of the year(learning the new system)
Labour Day(first game back from Injury)
Game in Calgary(rain/Snow/Sleet)(no help from Charlie, 23 yards)
last MTL game - Defence let MTL run out 3 Mins 40 seconds to end the game.

Glenn is good, and unlike other QB's HE ISN"T NEAR HIS PRIME!
He'll hit his Prime in 2-3 years, he could be starting a Dynasty in Winnipeg. Just wait for Tomorrows Game Glenn should show some solid signs of the offence coming to life, but there will be some rust(and if not Defences be scared).

It would be really nice to check up on the players before dissing them.
do you also go After Westwood saying how bad his 69% FG was last year?
Without Checking that other top FG kickers(McCallum, Congi) Didn't make many long distance FG either, they just were never told to try many. McCallum didn't try anything long(his longest completed was 47 yards, Westy had 5 misses from further then that)

It's the same thing for Bomber QB's it's "they suck" bs, but look up some things, like how many other Teams lost their top Offencive lineman for 12 games?
Their top Guard for 8-9 games?
Had only 1 real Receiver threat going into the Season?(DA came around in game 13-14)

Had to play a DL for Half a game/3 Quarters as a Guard? Without that player even getting 1 practice before hand?(more a 2 minute tutorial by the Lines coach)

Glenn did wonders with the offence considering, the bombers were using THURMON! that has to be 2-3 Drops(Receiver giving up on the ball w/e) per game.

Im sorry I had to stop reading right there. Calgary Edmonton and Montreal ALL have better starting QBs and if Maas can play like he is capable of Id say Hamilton does as well. Ray, Burris, and Calvillo are premier QBs and have proven to be extremely reliable much more so then Glenn ever has. None of the teams have a proven backup but in all honesty none of those guys are injury prone. Calvillo and Burris play behind very good offensive lines and Ray can play without an Oline and still lead the league in passing (thats pretty much what he did last year)

as far as injury is concerned....that can happen to any qb. any time...however ...i do have concerns about Glenns durability....he may not be as brittle as DD lotus land....but for a young guy he's had his fair share of down-time........Maybe??? a better o line will help Glenn this far as abilty....i think he has all the tools to be a 'premier' qb. in this league....07 is his time to prove it....we'll see???? :roll: :wink:

I woulda done it…being a Rider fan lol

Good Post Scotsman, I've been questioning Glens ability for two seasons! Sorry Barnes, I'll take Burris, Calvillo and Ray ANY DAY over Kevin Glenn.

I don't know about that Sporty, the Lions are probably the only team in the league who already have their next starting qb on the roster. DD is pushing 35 and may only have another year or two left in that body. Buck is 26 and should be good for another 10 years.

Ray in Edmonton is only 28, he will be around another 10 years or so and Glenn is 28 as well, again he should be around another 10 years.

Now looking at the rest around the league, AC 35, Joseph 34, Burris 32, Maas 32, these guys are already on the downslope of their time in the league.

I wonder if you would still feel the way you do if you didn't have the Buck security blanket ?

Got to hand it to Wally though; there's no other GM in the CFL who consistently has his QB of the future on the roster, learning the ropes. In BC he's had DD, Printers, Pierce, and Jackson, and go back to his QB factory in Calgary, what with Flutie, Garcia, DD, even Burris. Sort of reminiscent of what Edmonton used to be like (Wilkinson to Moon to Dunigan to Allen to Ray~Maas).

Wonder why other GMs can't seem to do it.

I didnt mean this as a knock on glenn's durability I meant it in that not having adepth at the QB position isnt much of a factor for calgary edmonton or montreal since their QBs have little to no history of injuries and are fully capable of playing full seasons without hte backup taking a single down making depth irrelevant.

I would say that all of those QBs are better QBs than Glenn and as long as all of em are healthy Ray, Burris and Calvillo are my choices ahead of Glenn. Calvillo, Ray, and Burris all turned in dominant performances when they were handed the reins to their respective teams. Ray had an excellent group of receivers when he stepped in but is just as dominant without vaughn and hervey. Calvillo and Burris though had a receiving corps about on par with what hte bombers had in the last couple years

..........i would say Glenn has a few more years to develop and reach the level of a DD ...Calvillo or Ray....Burris not so much....Glenn already knows how to throw games away...Don't forget Rays play didn't exactly get Edm. into a play-=off spot in 06...something Glenn and the Bombers managed......But we'll see what Kevin can do this year.....the jury is still out..... :wink:

im sorry, but Burris is not a 'Premier' QB....not in the league of Ray, Calvillo and Dickenson.

Burris is in the 'unproven' ranks with Joseph, Maas and Glenn.

Burris has fumbled or thrown away ( literally with INTs )the last 2 seasons for the stamps...Maas has 0 playoff wins as a starter, which is the same as glenn...joseph is 1-1 in the playoffs, but is inconsistant game 2 game.

'premier' QBs have won grey cups as a Ray, Calvillo and Dickenson....Burris has 1 playoff win to his name and that was a few seasons ago.

Yeah Piggy, I'm probably feeling good with our QB situation. Thanks for pointing out the ages of Burris and Joseph. I must confess, I didn't look up their ages and didn't think they were that old. Still If I had to sign any one of them to a one year contract, Id rate them:

Joseph / and or Maas