Bombers Quarterback Situation.

If both Banks and Dinwiddie are back next season, Taman will try to land a college kid as the forth for camp. If Banks or Dinwiddie jump ship, he will have to try to trade for a back up or go fishing in the NFL garbage dump again, he almost had Tommy Maddox last year so it wouldnt surprise me what he unearths in that pile......Jeff George anyone.....

Neither Banks or Dinwiddie will be back.

Banks will sign elsewhere and Dinwiddie has already signed in the arena league. His arena contract will determine if he can even play up here. Hamilton is pursuing our qb coach, so we appear to be starting all over again here in '07.

'07 outlook - questions about whether Glenn can win a big game and stay healthy for a year. no back ups with any game experience. no back up prospects.

Where do you get your info rattle? Banks agent is in negotiations with Winnipeg right now and Taman has already said he is going to look at back-ups and 3RD stringers already in the league, who is the question?

Good. I hope that Banks will be back because he is a tremendous talent. I had heard that he was hoping to go the the nfl and was making an nfl tape. I know that it took a long time for people to warm up to him in Winnipeg so I hope that he has proven himself and stays.

I think some other teams may go after him though because ottawa really gushed about him at the draft and he never really caught on in the 'Peg.

It would be really good for the Bombers if he stays though. I have not seen the press release, but I've heard about five or six people tell me that Dinwiddie went to the Arena League. Some fans may not want him back, but it may be that with this year's schedule being pushed back he gets a bit more time and can still make it here at the end of the preseason.

the guy that may be available after TC is Jason Jophnson from the Esks - Lefors was an excellent pickup and Jyles looked sharp at the end of last season. JJ has been 'ok' and could be a reliable backup guy. He may also be one of those "change of scene"kind of guys and could blossom under a different system

Apparently Banks and the Bombers are talking so we'll see! But Banks will be looking at a fair size pay cut so he might test the free agency waters. If we don't sign him then who's left?? Ryan is gone,so we have no backup! Taman better get things together or else we'll be in the same boat as last year! It's all fine and dandy when Glenns healthy but if he goes down again we are up the proverbial creek with no paddle!! We may have no choice but to go after one of the proven backups presently in the league. If we don't and stay the course this team will be very lucky to even flirt with a 9 and 9 record depending on Glenn's health!! Yes our defense will be a force again this year but they can't stay on the field for 45 minutes every game!!

What a dumb bigot!

...some people say things that dosen't have alot of thought put into it (i hope i don't do that)....example Arland Bruce 3 at the end of last year.... and now jdawg...sometimes its hard to understand where these thoughts come from...but at least they can be factual...and leave out the race element...this is the 21st. century .... :oops:

for the first time in my life im agreing with red

So,with free agency around the corner and no Qb moves in the league except a very smart move by the ti-cats the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are still a one Qb team and one injury away from last place in their division! It doesn't matter how many quality receivers the team has, you still need a Qb to run the offense and right now Winnipeg has Glenn and no one else!! Even though its early,I would certainly hope that Taman is in the process of getting the Qb situation rectified shortly!! If not, then if Glenn goes down at all we will be painting the basement of the east division with blue and gold!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine what the CFL would look like if the NFL still didn't take black QB's, McNabb, the Titan's QB. (his name escapes me), Green from LSU and on and on...
Warren Moon made a huge culture shift for both leagues.

Considering Black players basicly weren't allowed to be QB's until Warren Moon, it's pretty stupid to say that they can't win Championships, it is also pretty dumb to say white QB's are Better. If a guy is more skilled he's more skilled plain and simple.

It's also not right to limit to: "well a black guy didn't win so a white guy did" as Calvillo is Latin-american, Joe Paopoa is Somoan, Jack Jacobs Native american

1978(moons first year) he then went on to win 5 championships in a row, so go from 1983
Damon has won 5
Crandell 1
28 seasons, 11 right there between 3 guys(and I don't feel like Checking every winning QB)

It would seem that Colour of a guys skin doesn't matter, and fact is it is a racist comment to say that a you have a better chance to win with a white QB because no black QB has ever won it, you are dismissing the 65 seasons when no one would give a black QB a fair shot because they weren't "smart enough"(that's proven wrong)
and saying you didn't know is not an exuse, Ignorance is no exuse.

As for the Bombers QB situation, Glenn gets to much un-fair heat. he went 9-5 last year(in games he started and finished the game) and considering the injury problems that the team dealt with he should do better this year, something like 12-6, a good backup is needed but to question the amount of injuries Glenn has when Dickenson is in the League is really un-fair. Was there any QB's who were healthy all of last year? Allen went down, Maas, Dickenson, Glenn, Joseph. only possible guys who were healthy are Calvillo, Ray and Burris and I'm sure atleast one missed some games due to injury.

The blue should sign Banks unless he keeps thinking he's worth like 120-130K(he's not he's 90-100K) and the blue should sign John Stocco if he gets through the NFL draft(doesn't sign down south), good Wisconsin kid. Stupid NFL.. signing the top 20-30 players in all positions.

I understand the Qb pool is slim at best but if we don't sign a proven backup or a possible starter we won't be improving on last years performance! I haven't heard a word about the Banks situation,anybody else?

Banks has pretty much exhausted all his options, my guess is he will re-sign. So that makes 4, the depth chart will be:


Why does this not worry me, because they are all young guys that Berry can develope.

I had the understanding that Dinwiddie had left for the Arena league. Was Banks a free agent or heading into his option year? Holland is apparently a very solid prospect! I guess time will tell! I tend to agree with you Piggy but it does definitely worry me! It's hard to forget the period last year when Glenn was injured and what happened to us during those games without him. I'am afraid I'am still not sold on Glenn as our starter,but I'll stand behind him as I would any Bomber starter!!

Banks is a free agent, and his old contract was HUGE money against our cap, so we probly wont keep him, and dinwiddie is in the arena league, as well as under contract to us, so i have no clue as to what is going on there. but we just signed a nice rookie outa colorado, holland aparently had a completion rating of 63%, sounds good to me! however from his interceptions, it sounds like he needs a little bit of pollish, and work on his vision.

So the situation summed up is 0 solid starters and 2 needs work

I fail to understand all the angst in Winnipeg about Kevin Glenn as your starting QB (although I understand fully and concur with the uneasiness about the lack of a quality backup). Last year the Bombers were 9-5 with Glenn starting, and 0-4 when he didn’t play.

When your starter wins roughly 65% of his games, you don’t really have too much to complain about it would seem to me (but when your backups win precisely 0% of the games they start, you have cause for concern there).

A second season under Berry’s system and with a new QB coach/offensive coordinator, and hopefully an improved offensive line, here’s hoping Glenn continues his development.