Bombers Quarterback Situation.

It's no secret I'am not a Kevin Glenn fan and I don't believe he's going anywhere,so barring a major trade he'll almost certainly be our starter in 07 and being a Bomber fan I'll cheer him on every game! He did show some promise in 06 so we'll see. I certainly hope he stays healthy and proves me wrong! I still believe keeping Gibson is a mistake! Our biggest concern this off season is bringing in a proven,dependable backup. There are not alot of options. The most likely would be Greene,Crandell,Butler and I think his name is Jones in BC. I'am not sure about Banks and his contract. Danny McManus is over the hill but is probably too expensive anyways. I'am just wondering who would be a solid fit for us in looking at the available CFL backups in the league at the present time. Any thoughts?

Jurious Jackson ...B.C. back-up....might be a qb. we could consider...but i don't know what his contract status is.....otherwise i think we have to go with Banks....and hope a proven vet. is dropped by another club who wants to play for the BigBlue and would like a really good shot at a Grey Cup ring...... :wink: :rockin:

Thanks papa I couldn't remember his name. He looked pretty good the few times I've seen him. I could be wrong but I have a feeling we're going to see one or two major trades before the opening kickoff in 07 and I believe it will involve a starting Qb or two! Just a hunch!

Couldn't agree more. I think the team will do absolutely everything to be as strong as possible for Milt's last year...

Looks like we're starting over again at qb. KG is back, but Banks has not been resigned, and Dinwiddie signed with some Arena team. What now? We don't have anybody but Kevin on the roster.

unless we have a white QB we are probably not going to win just look at the history only one black QB has ever won a championship in a high level unless u consider Damon Allen as one theres 2 then other one Warren Moon

What a disgusting comment.

I thought you mods could take action against racial slurs?

He also forgot Marcus Crandel (2001) comes to mind. Doug Williams (Washington Redskins) comes to mind from across the border.

Geez, not only is he racist, but doesn’t do his homework either.

...and Roy Dewalt in '85
...Condredge Holloway in '82
...Tracy Ham in '95

Black,White,Yellow,Green or whatever! As long as the Qb can throw the ball and win games who cares!! Back on the subject, I wonder if Crandell still has what it takes to do well in the league? I haven’t seen him play for a long time!

xJdawg, you make me sick to my stomach, i sure as hell hope you are not a bomber fan. It seems as though you just ruined you reputation on here and you should be banned for ever posting on this site again after that. Why don't you take your racist thoughts and get a life man, seriously!! :roll: :thdn:


blue&gold, I tried to pm you, but can't seem to get it sent to's not a big deal, but could you pm me to see if I can reply to you instead of sending one outright? Thanks.

While I have to agree that the remark was crude and should not have been placed on the forum the way it was, I don't think he was trying to be racist. At least I hope not. I think he was talking about percentages but ended up sounding racist.

No, he was trying to be intelligent but revealed his true self. Let's add Chuck Ealey to the list and get back to PaPa's analysis. I agree and as usual there are some good looking rookie Q.B.s who are coming up from the U.S. and I'm sure all of them are of better character than xJdogbreath.

hey sup peeps i just signed up today…but i have ben readying your posts for a while and i think this should be the bomber depth chart

  1. Gleen
  2. Mass or crandall
  3. american player

It was definitly a racist comment as he linked physical performance with the colour of a man's skin. Being white or black has nothing to do with being a good QB. He is also, as others have pointed out, completely wrong in his stats. The guy is racist and should be tossed.

it was black 2 (edited)...nobody wants any raceist ppl on this site so get da heck outa here

Boy, this topic sure went downhill in a hurry...

Your not kidding Blue D! I thought I was bringing up a topic that would be of interest to us and now I feel like I should apologize to the rest of us on here! I haven’t seen dogsh!t posting anywhere since so maybe he was removed. So kool kat mentioned Crandell,I wonder if and how he’d fit in as a competent back-up?

and yes i was talking about percentages maybe the way it was posted offend some people but i am sorry about that and was just making a point that we are more likely to win with a white QB because 4 outta like 200 seasons with all football that is have been black