bombers qbs are awful

goltz sukked vs bc lions.wpg needs a new qb plus some big presence on the off. line

No - the Bomber offence is awful and it starts with game plans and preparation. Something our OC seems to be proving he is not capable of doing. Our coach has the ability and skills to help an ailing defense (and DC), but the offence is doomed without leadership!

You most likely are very right. They had two good QBs in Elliot and Brink but basically ruined them as far as playing for the bombers with the QB 2 and 2A situation along with the Ridiculous when Bucks healthy he gives us the best chance to win.
This should have been done last year and put Buck on the 9 game IR for the season after coming back from the first injury then getting hurt again. Everyone says how inconsistant Elliot was but how can you become consistant starting 4 games two offensive players of the week along with an avg game and a bad game. The bad game ironically came when it was already announced that Buck would be starting next week.
If Goltz was a Canadian QB he would have been made a WR

Totally agree with this. Maybe the QBs are awful, but the OC/QB coach is awful and when you don't have that position carrying is weight everyone else is going to look bad (see: Montreal).

Leaving everything else alone and just getting yet more QBs isn't going to solve anything.

I agree the offense is awful but I like what Doug Brown had said that it does not seem like there is much to the playbook and that most likley is true with the max protection offense that was but in for Pierce and the small Package of plays that had for Goltz is all that the offense has to work with right now.
They have a lot of hard work to do now over the next two weeks that you have a big athletic QB with a strong arm they can do so many things.
Look for more passes headed Mathews way up high where he can get them over a smaller DB like Elliot and Brink used him last year and a little more with Etienne with both of them spending the last two season scout teaming together.
If they cannot expand the playboook to more than only a half a game of plays then it will be time to take a hard look at Crowton but I think Crowton has a lot more last season he began being handcuffed with Lapo being involved with his half an offense and this year only the max protection offense through training camp.
I hope he and Goltz or even Hall who has a lot of offense in that arm begin to really open things up.
Go for it and have fun while your doing it and things will get better

No need to stop at just the QB's.

Receivers, oline, staff, all are sub-par when compared to the others around the league.