Bombers QB Situation

Yes I'm a Rider fan but I come in peace haha. I just wanted your guys' opinion on your QB situation between Buck, Brink, Elliot and Goltz. Is their a favorite among Bomber fans or is their division amongst the fan base? I believe Elliot deserves one last shot

I think Buck is our guy until he gets hurt . Elliot and Brink didn’t seize their opportunity last year and we will be in same position as we were last year. The worst part of this, will be listening to people screaming for Goltz to start and how he is the next Flutie and so on :?

...The 'situation' is unclear at this time. Mack says Buck will be at tc., that's all he'll commit to...Goltz will get a 'real' good look....Last word on Elliott (not confirmed by the team) is that he's being shopped....Brink looks like our 'third down and one' guy..Max Hall has been interviewed but not worked out...Jarrett Lee has had neither..workout or interview...Former Heismann finalist Brian Brohm has been worked out by the club.... That;s about it for now...STAY TUNED... :lol:

From Bob Irving; QB Elliott and Safety Ian Logan have been released.

....No surprise on either being released... (see my previous post)Tells me the Bombers have someone else coming in at qb. and Logan really didn't have a very good year in 2012...I guess there were no takers for Elliott and he pretty much threw his chances away last year ...literally...Cauchy Muamba is a nice replacement for Logan AND through all of this it frees up some cash...Good moves and like I said previously ,look for an announcement of a qb. signing from down south, in the not too distant future :wink:

YES! Elliott is gone. Quite happy to see that. Brink could be next but personally I would like to see him compete. I think he's a bit of a baby Buck, still developing but has shown growth each season he's been here, has some of the same tools and has more sense to avoid taking certain hits. Door opened even wider for Goltz as well.

As for Logan, I have to admit I'm very surprised at that move. Bad year in 2012 or not, he's still a starting caliber NI player and has some value. IMO he should've been allowed to compete for his job in camp. Even if he didn't win his spot he could've provided them with options to create different looks on defence. Salary issues might have played some role in the decision as well.

Still am in shock that they didn't go after (maybe they did?) the back-up QB for the best team in Canada over the past number of years. What would've been the risk? Given Bucks history this is a dismal lot. Mack seems stuck in a rut. He made a statement that he will not go after other teams discards and he is stubbornly sticking to that. well hopefully I'm wrong.

When are they going to just put buck out to pasture. Logan has an average 2012 season ans he is replaced. Pierce had a decent first half of the 2011 season aside from that he either was terrible or could not get on to the field. He should have been the first to go. Nice Guy but not a QB you can count on and he was given 3 years to prove himself.
Bumping Logan and Elliot would clear space for a new import who they feel can compete to start right away so buck should go next leaving Brink at #2 and Goltz. who has yet to start a season on the roster, as #3.
Keeping and staring Buck will have Burke fired by labor day as well

I don't think keeping Buck will have Burke fired in any way. You can say what you want about how he was terrible on the field or incosistent, but facts are facts, the bombers won more games than they lost when he started and he is still his best option to collect wins. At the end of the day, wins are the only stat that matters, wins get you to the playoffs, wins get you to the Grey cup game. And Buck gets you wins, which is something that can't be said of any of the other guys presently on the roster and the dearly departed Elliott. Burke will probably have a full season to work with unless things go off the rails bit time early in the season. And as far as any new QB coming in, the chances of him starting under center in the first game are extremely remote. When was the last time a team started a newbie to the CFL in game one of his first CFL season? The would have to be lights out in TC in order for that to happen, and that's not likely. Barring a trade for a QB already on someone's roster who's spent at least a year in the CFL, one of Buck, Brink, or Goltz will start that first game of the season.

I'm guessing you're referring to Reilly as the backup QB for the best team in Canada. Mack has already stated they were interested in Reilly and were targeting him in FA, however BC decided to deal him and the deal they wanted from the bombers was significantly greater than the deal they took from Edmonton, and they refused the bombers request to talk to Reilly before the deal would be completed. They could've done the deal, gave up their first round pick to BC, and all the time Reilly may not have wanted to play here and signed with Edmonton anyway. Then the bombers are stuck having given away their first rd pick and more for nothing. Then you'd be on here bashing Mack for having made the deal. I'm sure Mack would've given the deal more consideration if he'd gotten the same terms Edmonton did (swap 2nd round pick positions this year, and BC gets Edmonton's 2nd rd pick next year) instead of BCs demand of Wpgs 1st rd 2nd overall pick this year.

Does anyone have buck Pierces record as a starter for the Bombers over the last 3 years ?

no wolverine i was referring to mcpherson

Ah, ok my bad. Forgot about hm.

Starts: 28

Starts finished: 17 (12-5 record)

Games missed: 25 (6-19 record)

Failed to finish: 11 (1-10 record)

Games missed and failed to finish: 36 (7-29 record)


When he starts and finishes, they win a lot more than they lose. That's why he's still hanging around, because without him, whether its when Buck has to come out of a game or when someone else starts, they don't win. Buck will probably continue to be around in some capacity until someone else starts changing those stats.

Theres the issue starting 11 games that he could not finish for a 1-10 record. He is 12-5 record over three years only starting and finishing 17 games. I would bet that most of those wins came in the first half of the 2011 season. They made to the Cup in 2011 but what was there and bucks record in the fnal 9 games of that season.
The point is buck has had 1/2 of a good season in 3 years. Time is up and time to move on without him

OK , but who ?????? unless you have the inside scoop on the next Flutie? There is nobody else out there that is capable of stepping in and giving us a shot at winning ! Glenn, wont come here, Mcpherson, is nothing special and not the answer.I'm sure the Bombers realize their predicament, Buck stays until we find a suitable solution. It's not a great situation, but it's what we have . We tried , Elliot and Brink, didn't work. Maybe Goltz will develop in to something but only time will tell and the odds are against it.

....IF Buck starts ,the only hope the Bombers have in 2013 at qb is that one of our back-ups either matures quickly (see Goltz) or the new qb. (if in fact one is signed) picks up the game in a hurry....Otherwise we might have to go the route of a Sean Salisbury, where we went with a qb. who was supported by an awesome defence...Worked once but there's safer roads to follow...We can hope that Buck (if the starter) has learned to play this game smarter. It;s not inevitable that he's hurt every game BUT his history of injuries is certainly concerning...That's when we have to have a solid go-to-guy and that's the million dollar question...will we??... Injuries to starting qbs. are devastating for any club...Let's look at all of the eastern qbs,with that in mind....Calvillo is getting long in the tooth...He could be just as vulnerable as Buck if someone lays a crunching hit on him..Same goes for Ray or Burris who aren't exactly spring chickens anymore....With the way our o line was playing towards the end of last year, I think we can expect as good a protection for the qb. as the other clubs in the east..Exception could be Mont. but some of their guys are ageing as well as their qb...I hope we have some answers soon so we can get a better picture at just where our pivot position stands..It's too unsettled at the moment...It's still early but a solid direction is needed for the most important position on the field...Thinking back over the years about our qbs. we did make a signing in the Bud Grant era that stood the league on it's ear..A guy by the name of Jim Van Pelt walked into the Peg and took a qb. job away from a player named Kenny Ploen...Could it happen again and in this era???Never say never...Keep hunting Joe Mack... :thup:

McPherson is out anyways as he's signed in the AFL. And as Kasps says, who else?

Look at the names bandied about that they are talking to. Max Hall, a NCAA coach and not a player last year. Chase Clement - the guy who quit the Ticats after one practice in which he didn't look very good. Brian Brohm of the late UFL? None of these guys are likely to come into camp and take the #1 job. If I had to guess which of the three guys was the most likely to be here come TC I would guess Brohm. Like it or not, one of the 3 guys on the roster right now will probably start game 1 just from an experience standpoint. That same guy may not start the full season, but the chances of an as yet unsigned QB getting the job are extremely remote. Love him or hate him, Buck has the heart of a warrior, is a tremendous leader, and is committed to the bombers, which endears him as much to the staff as it does to the guys on the field. A good showing by either Brink or Goltz in camp makes Buck expendable, but I'd expect him to remain around as a backup or in some capacity for those intangibles so that even when he's gone he's not really gone.

The one answer i do have is not going to lead the Bombers to success as a QB and that is Buck Pierce. They will never know until they give someone else a shot. BC gave up on Buck for a new unproven QB and aloud such QB to prove himself. Coming into a 4th season with Buck Pierce as your startr is ridiculous. They may have backe into the Grey Cup in 2011 but really they were not a good team the second half of that season barely hanging on to first place enabling them to have to win only one playoff game to the third place Ti Cats who upset Montreal.

They do have 2 and possibly three really good running backs in simpson, ford, and maybe a healthy Canadian in Volney. SO in attempting to protect the fragile Pierce there will be a lot of Runnin plays they may need all three of those running backs to carry the load each game so no one gets worn out, Good thing Volny is a Canadian as they may need all three every game

When you have Simpson, Ford, Garrett (at least 2 of those will be on the roster), plus volny who's shown promise, why not? Simpson can run the ball 25 times a game and produces. Fact is that the team wanted to run a much more uptempo offence under Crowton going into last season and LaPo got in the way because he couldn't keep his hands off. An up tempo offence relying on a good run game and getting the ball quickly out of Buck's hands wouldn't give the opposition much time to T off or take liberties with hitting Buck like they did in the past. You say so what to Buck's record of 12-5 and when he starts and finishes games. I agree, its a big problem to keep relying on a guy who can't finish games though, I'm sure everyone agrees to that. And I know you're a big Elliott supporter as you've said in other topics, but he was 2-9 and he thought he played well and deserved to be the defacto starter and didn't need to put in the work to improve. We'll win more games a year with buck starting only 5 of them than with Elliott starting all 18.

We gave Elliot and Brink a shot last year. Didn't work out . Goltz will get his shot this year. Not like they are not trying !