Bombers .qb.'s

....after watching the Bombers lose their spark after Glenn went down...i would say we need someone to take up the slack....Banks looked alright...but lacks experience...Michna looked out of place...i think we need to find an experienced back-up...(not a Wynn)..and that ain't gonna be easy...Taman get on the hot-line... :thup:

Sign me I can throw better then Michna, hell half the people on these forums could...

I like Michnas first pass where he 1 hopped a WR screen pass lol. Takes some serious arm strength to one hop that pass.


I'm leaning more towards the side of luck... :stuck_out_tongue:

well it was a bummer that Quinn was still injured. but he will be ready to go next week. we should be fine.

Banks didnt look half bad, he just didnt get any help...I think Berry answered the question that many had been asking, why isnt Michna on the team, pretty obvious now. Quinn is the number 2 for a reason, so lets hope he gets more help from the oline and his receivers against the Lions or it will be another long night.

....after that performance....against the lions tonight ..i have to say we really need to revamp our appears there was a one man show...Charles Roberts....after that zero....the quarterbacking was atrocious...bring in some new people and start again with the offence :oops:

I picked BC to win on the VGCC, and I hate being right, and I'm going to feel so dirty if I go prefect this week.

Rotaling the position until Glenn gets back is the only opinion we have right now, besides talking with BC to get Printers if the KC cut him. We'll just have to make do with what we got until after the season, and then see where to go from there.

Once Glenn gets back, we will resume or race to ten.

The question is who do you get to tide things over until Glenn returns…

The usual suspects don’t work; Tee Martin (been there done that); Khari Jones (out of game shape); Darnell Kennedy (can’t keep a steady job wherever he’s been); Ted White (laughing too hard to post a serious comment here).

NFL cuts don’t work…they need time to adjust to our game, and once he does make the adjustment Glenn will be back.

Trade? Montreal might let Brady go, since for some unfathomable reason they have him behind Nealon Greene on the depth chart.

Solution: Bring back Stanley Jackson!!

If not Stanley Jackson, then how about Brian Ah Yat (remember him?) :rockin:

...i liked Jackson...madjack ....he didn't get a fair enough shake in the far as Brady....he's not bad but i don't see the ALS doing the Bombers any favours right now....with us being in the same division ...(for awhile)..i don't think the Don would like to strengthen us...and then have it come back and bite him...but/.....strangers things have happened in this league....i never say never......whoops just said it.... :lol:

I don't think Michna has been given a fair ride. With Berry's hard on for Quinn, Michna wasn't even given a chance in camp and was cut. Quinn is not worth keeping around....he's over 30, and has barely played in 8 years. That game against BC was the worst I've seen a QB play. I wish they would let Banks start, and if he screws up, let Michna have a real chance (not one series). These guys are afterall still learning and have potential. But I bet Berry goes back to Quinn :thdn:

BTW: Gibson has to take some of the blame here too. Why would an offence with a rusty back up QB and without their star reciever try to pass, pass, pass? They should be handing it to Roberts left and right, then that would open up some options for passing. This would make the QB feel more confident instead of going 2 and out and throwing interceptions. :twisted:


I was away on a fishing trip so I did not see the BC~Winnipeg say Quinn's peformance was the worst you've seen a QB play.....was it actually worse than Kevin Eakin for Hamilton a few weeks back? That was the worst I'd ever seen (Ted White notwithstanding).

yes it was worse then that...

well glen is gone for a few weeks and were in desprate need of a QB quinn looked pretty bad and really who is there..if theres any hope for the bombers we need a QB A.S.A.P i really belive kahri jones can add a little spark to this team atleast he can through the ball..if kahri in theres a chance...and when glenns back give kahri the clip board..and use him if needed ...why not give him a chance..all you fans that said kahri is no good think again ....

Khari Jones would be, in my view, a better pickup than Ted White or Darnell Kennedy. One other that Taman might look into trying to find is Joshua Harris...I thought he looked really good in Calgary last year (loads of potential), but last I heard he was trying out in the NFL..if he doesn't make it there, go after him.

...Dinwiddies; the name ...and footballs his game....(corny i know)....Taman hs signed this 25 year old kid as our new back-up....says he knows Berrys system...and if he plays at least half-decent could end up replacing Michna'll have to see what this kid can do....don't know a heckuva' lot about him...goBigBlue.. :thup:

Well I'll say this much for him right now:

He can't possibly be any worse than Tee Martin or Ted White, now can he?