Bombers QB of the future

You’re absolutely right Stegallfan -

Michna should have started the season, based on the preseason - however he would have lasted about a game and a half before getting the yank for Glenn or Martin.

We need to give the ball to the guy with the most potential. To me, that means Martin or Glenn, in that order. Michna is #3.

Again, Wynn is getting a bum deal. I don’t know what is going on, he’s a capable QB who would challenge for the starting job on many teams. Why can’t we trade him to Hamilton for one of their receivers? He sure as hell is better than Brady.

Based on your criticism of my post quoted above yours, I wonder what is “chronic” with you.

I didn’t comment on his play - I merely posed a frigging question.

Judging from the other replies others wonder the same thing.

“What shocks me is that he is NOT doing well” as you put it… sounds like you’re commenting on his play… if thats not you saying that you don’t think he’s doing well… then what does it mean???

And what does my name have to do with anything?.. i love my BC bud… thats what the “chronic” in my name is all about… not that it matters in any way

MICHNA should actually be the starter… martin STINKS and glenn is a loser. air canada i completely agree with you… michna did the best in the preseason and we need to start winning some games… i hope martin gets hurt cause michna is 2nd stringer right now :slight_smile:

My post that I am surprised that Spurgeon Wynn is “not doing well” is simple. Like I said I haven’t seen him play. I have just heard zip about him and read that he didn’t do much in the pre-season. That is what I am surprised at as I think he is a good QB and he proved it in BC last year when given a chance to play including the final season game win on the last play of the game to Geroy Simon.

It is not a stretch to be surprised that a guy who has looked good in a BC uniform hasn’t looked good with his new team. It is not a comment on his play as I don’t know if he is playing or not.