Bombers QB of the future

Just out of curiosity.

I say Michna since he has a good past and did well in camp.

Jones I'd like to see back....but....

No Jones.

Put the skinny white boy in already.

Two votes......skinny kid.

Michna. Forget Martin. :oops: . Martin out. :oops:

I think that they should start Spergon Wynn, he’s the only one really out of the 3 that has CFL experience. He is a good QB and I think that he has the abilities to actually do something and possibly spark the team a little bit. I think think that we should start Michna just yet until we’re like 0-15, then we know for sure we’re sunk.

might as well get a look at them all seeing as :arrow: all we will be playing for is experience and last place.

ok who voted to KJ....fess up.....Taman? did you vote for him?...c'mon you can tell us..... :lol:

Why would Khari be in the vote anyway, theres no way he's coming back to the peg....


Stokes,do u want someone with experience,or a rookie who'll make us look like the Arizona Cardinals of the CFL? i think thats what it all boils down to

gotta go with Wynn

I went with spergon wynn also

You guys are all nuts :wink:

Michna should have started the season, simply because he was the best in the preseason. But it's too late now to put him in. The Bombers need to start winning games, and clearly the way to do that is through either Martin or Glenn (or Wynn, but he's getting a bum rap, and should be traded).

Quit jumping on and off bandwagons!

I still can't beleive you guys didn't at least try Spergon Wynn. Two years ago he was the Lions #2 back up. Last year he filled in nicely when both Dickenson and Printers were injured.

I think you have some one that can help your team if he gets the chance.

I haven't seen the Bombers play yet nor have I read much about Spurgeon Wynn this year. What shocks me is that he is NOT doing well as he played great for BC when he played last year.

What gives? Was he just good in BC because of the team in front of him including top receivers (lots of them) or what? I wonder because the new QB in BC, Buck Pierce (#3) looked great when he got in vs. Calgary and looked like Spurgeon did last year in BC. Is it the team and Wpg hasn't got it??

Well if you haven’t seen the Bombers play yet and haven’t read much about Wynn… then how can you comment on his play?..

Wynn has not seen any game time in the regular season… therefore he has done nothing… because he has not been given a chance… i’m sure if the Bomber coaching staff gave him a try he’d produce…

either there is something going on that i do not know of or wynn is a very classy guy not losing it and demanding a trade. He is the most experienced qb we have, no one else has shown that they are better and he hasn't had a chance to touch the ball. i really do think he has some potential. i know they want to try martin out but really give wynn a chance... he deserves it. I fear that they intend on trading him without trying him as our pivot.

michna was against 3rd stringers, wait till you see him play against actual starters before you make a serious judgement