Bombers QB Max Hall likely starter for next game

[b]The Winnipeg Blue Bombers may have another new face behind centre when they visit the B.C. Lions on Monday.

Blue Bombers head coach said quarterback Justin Goltz is questionable for the Week 6 game and starter Buck Pierce isn't totally healthy so Max Hall may make his starting debut.

The Brigham Young product, who was signed as a free agent in the off-season, started three games for the Arizona Cardinals in 2010.
While Hall may get the start, Burke also mentioned that running back Chad Simpson needs the ball in an effort to spark the struggling offence.[/b]

why is Goltz questionable?
Is it due to an injury or was Burke displeased with Goltz's performance last Friday?

personally I thought Goltz fared pretty well in his debut start.

I tend to think Buck is ready. I believe they are simply done with him. No way should he be out 2 weeks for getting hit in the stomach...i mean I could be wrong by all means, but Buck himself says he is ready to play

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Pity he has had such an inconsistent line in front of him

Haven't seen anything about Goltz being injured until now. Seems odd.

[i]Yup, this messy QB situation is another example of Joe Mack's incompetence... :thdn: :oops:



Goltz should get another go, IMO.

Tsn sportsdesk just said Goltz is day-to-day and hall may get the start. Showed a clip of Goltz getting hit in the thigh. Perhaps burke isn't disappointed in goltz's performance after all.

title is kinda misleading, it's not really likely. Goltz did get hurt last game, was limping around pretty good by the end of it, definitely not performance related. but no practices all week until tomorrow so he'll have time to heal. I'd be surprised if he doesn't play but it's certainly possible

The interesting thing is, if Goltz can't play, they are going with Hall over Pierce, who claims to be healthy.
Sounds like the Buck stops here.

This is not a good era for Bomber fans. But we can take hope and consolation by remembering one thing: the Winnipeg Football Club was here long before Joe Mack, and it will be here long after he’s gone.

The Three Stooges Part 2 in Winnipeg. Hall will get a few games to fail miserably, and then they'll go back to Buck. After he gets knocked out it'll be on to Goltz again.

Before next season at least two, if not all three of them, will no longer be in Winnipeg. Bomber Fan can only hope Joe Mack goes out the door with them.

...The quest to find an answer at the pivot position in the Peg continues...I'm looking forward to see what Hall has to offer under real CFL game situations....Goltz was limping badly at the end of the Cal. game....Enter Hall...Like Hawkins in Mont...I think the Bombers are ready to tell Buck to stay home... :roll: